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Full bloom

Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo.

Horse auction

Residents showcasing horses at a local auction at the Arabian Horse Club outside Benghazi, Libya.

Desert X exhibition reflects earth, sky, state of world

A house clad in mirrors pops out of the California desert. It blends into the landscape, reflecting a kaleidoscope of the urban grid and arid valley of Palm Springs -- to the delight of photographers and selfie-seekers.

Street art revives divided Spanish village

Fanzara is a small Spanish country village whose handful of mostly elderly residents were once so bitterly divided that their allegiance to one camp or the other determined which bar they frequented.

Cherry blossoms

Visitors walking among cherry blossoms in Wuhan University in central China's Hubei province.


Wildflowers blooming at Chino Hills State Park in southern California following the winter rain after a 5-year drought.

Underwater hockey

Members of "HK Typhoon" underwater hockey club fighting for possession of the puck during their weekly team practise session in Hong Kong.

Women's Day

Students posing with their faces painted to mark International Women's Day at a college in Chennai, India.

Nigerians head to church to find earthly love

Thousands of people began to arrive at the Nigerian megachurch just after dawn on a cool morning, looking for love and hot tips on how to avoid "dating devils".


Bicycles impounded from bike-sharing schemes Mobike and Ofo in Shanghai, China. Thousands of brightly colored bikes placed on city streets by cycle-sharing companies have been impounded, the latest sign of impatience with an explosion of haphazardly-parked two-wheelers.


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