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Ice cafe

Customers inside the ICE cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam. Opened in June, the igloo-themed cafe draws crowds to sip warm latte while sitting on blocks of ice as industrial air-conditioners blast overhead.

Cat snap: Tokyo 'lucky cat' temple draws Instagrammers

Tokyo's Gotokuji temple has long attracted spiritual visitors with its thousands of figurines of beckoning white cats, thought to bring good luck. But of late it has brought in another breed: Instagrammers.


An art installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama inside an old hurricane-damaged train garage on New York's Rockaway Peninsula. Featuring 1,500 mirrored balls to reflect and contrast the rundown interiors, the installation is part of a bi-annual art program "Rockaway!" established since 2014 to encourage redevelopment of the area following Hurricane Sandy.

Rennes revives forgotten heritage: Italian mosaics

Italian mosaics, once all the rage in France, fell into neglect and ruin by the 1970s, when homeowners began covering them up with parquet floors or even linoleum.

Ostrich farm

Ostriches at Kledu Farm, some 30km north of Bamako, Mali.

Chip labour: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant

The little robotic waiter wheels up to the table, raises its glass lid to reveal a steaming plate of local Shanghai-style crayfish and announces in low, mechanical tones, "Enjoy your meal."

International Cat Day

A woman playing with kittens at a cafe in Bogota, Colombia. August 8 marks the International Cat Day.


A glacial lake at the end of the Rhone Glacier near Gletsch, Switzerland, as heatwave sweeps across Europe.

Playing with history: Corsica's Playmobil homage to Napoleon

Tucked away on a side street near the Corsican home where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, a mini museum invites young minds to relive the French emperor's story -- through scenes painstakingly built from hundreds of Playmobil figurines.

On the frontline of India's human-elephant war

On the day Yogesh became another of the dozens of Indians trampled to death each year, the coffee plantation worker knew from the fire crackers set off nearby that danger was at hand.



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