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Kuantan's Antique Gang

A group of die-hard young antique collectors in Kuantan have decided to display their collectibles at a traditional Malay-style stilt house which they call the "Classical House of Kuantan".

New lease of life for former mining town

A former tin mining town, Sungai Lembing offers a wide range of attractions that will please even the most demanding visitors.

Producing snakeskin for the world

Despite the fact Malaysia produces some of the best snakeskin in the world, no local businesses have attempted to venture into downstream manufacturing.

A glimpse into 1920s Kuantan

Chuah has decided to donate over a hundred pieces of pre-war woodwork tools to the local museum in hope of giving the public a glimpse into life in early 20th century.

Veggied dog

A free veggied dog for lunch from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) during their veggie dog giveaway on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, countering a National Hot Dog Day event held at the same placel.

From the outer space

These rare meteorites offer the visitors a glimpse into the mysterious outer space.

New life

French artist Leo Arti standing next to one of her paintings. Founded in 1873, former railway station Villa 25 de Agosto in Florida, Uruguay, became a "grey town" following the end of train services, before Arti put colors to its walls and returned it to life.


African penguins swiming inside a water tank at Tokyo's Sunshine Aquarium.

Inside Alibaba

Employees shopping for souvenir goods at Alibaba Xixi Park in Hangzhou, China.

Military tattoo

Members from the Guard of honor of the Chinese People's Liberation Army performing during the International Military Tattoo in Hong Kong, as part of celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the city's handover to China.


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