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Flamingos seen at a reservoir near Gan Shmuel north of Tel Aviv, Israel. Flamingos pass through Israel on their way to Africa and again when they return to Europe in the summer.

Mandarin duck

A Mandarin Duck swimming in New York's Central Park The Mandarin Duck is commonly seen in China, Japan and some parts of Europe, but not in North America.

Kuwaiti sculptors struggle for right to be seen

Kuwaiti sculptor Sami Mohammed finished his towering statue of the country's first emir over four decades ago, but now it just gathers dust unseen in a long-shuttered office block.

Festival of Lights

Devotees lighting earthen lamps on the banks of River Sarayu on the eve of Diwali in Ayodhya, India.


A furoshiki exhibition by Japanese architect and art director Tsuyoshi Tane in Paris.

Mexico's orange sea guides the souls of the dead

A sea of bright orange flowers sways in the wind, releasing the intense fragrance of the blossoms across the foothills of Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano.

New lease of life for Portugal's booming ceramics bastion

Ignoring temporary walls which point to ongoing large-scale expansion, workers burn the midnight oil at Portugal's byword for ceramic creativity to meet orders from around the globe.

Japan's 'usho' keep alive the ancient art of cormorant fishing

In the pitch black night, fires burn alongside a river in Japan's Gifu as a handful of men prepare for a ritual that dates back over 1,300 years: fishing with cormorants.

It's Halloween Night

Revelers taking part in the annual Village Halloween Parade on Sixth Avenue in New York City. Photo courtesy: AFP

Myanmar's sea turtles fight against the odds

Peril plagues the lives of Myanmar's baby turtles: if crabs don't get them before they scramble from beach to sea, then poachers or fishing trawlers might finish them off instead.



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