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Doan Thi Huong to be freed as murder charge dropped

A Vietnamese woman accused of assassinating the North Korean leader's half-brother is to walk free after Malaysia dropped murder charges against her Monday, weeks after her Indonesian co-accused was also released.

Scientists discover how mosquitoes detect human sweat

Scientists have known for decades that mosquitoes are attracted to the lactic acid contained in human sweat, but in the era before advanced genetics, the precise mechanism had remained a mystery.

Tasmanian devils prove quick adaptors in bid for survival

A contagious cancer is threatening Tasmanian devils with extinction, but these unique carnivores -- and their human helpers -- are adapting at breakneck speed, giving new hope for their survival.

End of an 'era': Emperor's exit resets Japan calendar

The abdication of Japan's Emperor Akihito on April 30 will quite literally mark the end of an era, the Heisei era of his rule, and highly secretive talks have been going on for months on what to call the next one.

Push for more coal power in China imperils climate

Even as the number of coal-fired power plants under development worldwide declines, increased coal use in China and a proposal to boost capacity could imperil global climate change goals, researchers have warned

RON97 up 2 sen

RON97 will be two sen dearer at RM2.63 per liter, while prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per liter respectively.

Thai candidates lodge complaints over election irregularities

Several anti-military candidates in Thailand lodged fresh complaints with the Election Commission Friday over bungled tallies and alleged vote-buying following a controversial vote that has left politics in the junta-ruled kingdom in limbo.

Doan Thi Huong in new release bid

A Vietnamese woman on trial for assassinating the North Korean leader's half-brother is expected to learn next week whether her second bid for freedom has succeeded, her lawyer said Thursday.

Singapore defends UN bid for street food honor

Singapore on Thursday defended nominating its street food for UN recognition as a bid to "safeguard" local culture after the move sparked a cross-border culinary clash with Malaysia.

Sabah DAP chairman dies

Sabah Health and People's Well-being Minister Stephen Wong Tien Fatt died today of heart attack.



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