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Philippines, communists resume peace talks

The Philippine government agreed Sunday to reinstate a ceasefire with the communists behind one of the world's longest-running insurgencies, despite President Rodrigo Duterte's earlier threat to step up attacks on the group.

Kim killing sheds light on murky world of women migrants

Li Nang, a young migrant worker wearing hot pants and high heels, stood before the statue of a gilt goddess garlanded with marigolds and fairy lights in Kuala Lumpur as she prayed for good business -- and her own safety.

China's elderly live longer, but are less fit: study

The number and proportion of people in China over 80 are growing, but their mental and physical fitness appear to be declining, scientists reported Friday.

Short, white men more likely to go bald: study

Add enhanced risk of premature balding to the list of illnesses and indignities faced by diminutive men of European descent, according to a new study

Impeached S.Korea president: what she did wrong

South Korea's Park Geun-Hye was fired by the Constitutional Court on Friday, becoming the country's first president to be sacked by impeachment.

Japan, US conduct navy drill in East China Sea: reports

The Japanese and US navies are conducting joint exercises in the East China Sea as tension intensifies in the region following North Korea's missile tests, local media reported on Friday.

S. Korea's longtime 'princess' dethroned in disgrace

The corridors of power have been home to South Korea's Park Geun-Hye as a child, de facto first lady, and president.

Playing 'Pokemon Go' can add thousands of daily steps

People who play Pokemon Go may end up taking thousands of extra steps each day, lowering the risk of heart disease particularly in people who are overweight or mainly sedentary, researchers said Wednesday.

Southeast Asian nations to patrol piracy-prone waters

The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia will launch joint patrols in piracy-plagued waters, Manila's defence secretary said Thursday, after a wave of attacks that saw Islamic militants kidnapping and murdering foreigners.

Two Malaysians in Pyongyang allowed to leave

Najib says he has been informed that Stella Lim and Nyanaprakash Muniandy of UN World Food Program have been allowed to leave North Korea.


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