My Sinchew/ Beer

In the name of sanctity

Religious hypocrisy has no place in our pluralistic society.

They have politics written all over them

It's not sensitivity, security, rain or anything else. It's politics that tears our country apart.

Stop deepening the rift

Dividing the people along religious lines and wickedly protruding our differences will not do national unity a favor.

Possible terror attacks during beer fest: IGP

Fuzi says the police do not support the event for two reasons.

MCA respects DBKL's decision: Liow

Liow Tiong Lai says MCA respects DBKL's decision not to approve the application of the Better Beer Festival for security reasons.

Not just the beer

We used to take so much pride in such tolerance. Unfortunately, this merit is slowly dying off now.

New liquor tax laws not so bitter for 'real beer' drinker

In 2015, the average individual consumed 42.3 liters of beer in Japan.

'Moderate' drinking linked to brain damage: study

Even moderate drinking is linked to brain damage and a slight decline in mental skills, according to a study released Wednesday that calls into question many national alcohol guidelines.

Muslim Indonesia joins global craft beer revolution

Defying an escalating anti-alcohol movement and conservative bureaucrats in the world's most populous Muslim-majority country, Indonesia’s only craft brewer is tapping into demand for better quality booze among the country's small number of drinkers.

RUU355 not hudud, but is it OK?

These amendments are not hudud, that is true, but they are a first step towards it.



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