My Sinchew/ GE14

Manifestos are bright, but will the delivery be right?

There is considerable doubt as to whether these political promises are realistic, feasible and financeable by the national budgets.

Registration of PPBM revoked

RoS revokes the registration of PPBM because the party did not submit the complete documents required before the deadline.

DAP willing to sacrifice: LGE

Lim Guan Eng says this is the first time DAP abandons its rocket logo in an election.

PH decides on a common logo for GE14

Mahathir: We were prepared long ago. As I said earlier, we will use a common logo and we have now decided which one.

Candies are not free!

Lest we forget, every piece of freely distributed candy does come with a cost.

Parliament to be dissolved tomorrow

In an unprecedented move, prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced at the Prime Minister’s Department today that the 13th Parliament will be dissolved tomorrow, April 7 (Saturday), to pave way for the 14th general elections

Additional annual increment for civil servants: Najib

1.6 million civil servants in the country can look forward to 1KGT salary increase amounting to RM1.46 billion, with effect from July 1 this year.

How to win without a Malay tsunami

Pakatan Harapan can still win without a Malay tsunami if its supporters come out in droves to vote.

Only 16.5% popular vote needed to form govt: Bersih

Any political party only needs to win at least 50% of votes from the smallest 112 parliamentary seats to get a simple majority to form the government.

Boo rejects offer to run in Labis

Although Boo Cheng Hau has rejected the proposal, it is likely that LKS will talk to him again for a third time in hope of getting him to change his mind.


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