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JJPTR launches new platform

The new scheme claims that investors will enjoy "sustained income every ten days".

Money concept and money game

Little has changed in our ethical values since the collapse of cooperatives in the 1980s.

Another get-rich company in trouble

Another get-rich-quick company, its name beginning with "R", fails to distribute the pledged 30% monthly interest to investors.

For the sake of SUC, I quit: Lee

"People won't listen to what I say. They only want to see me dead!"

Wealth plunderers

All who make big money in get-rich-quick schemes have built their wealth from the losses of late-comers, a fact that hardly justifies their moral existence.

Lee Thean Chye resigns from SUC

SUC has accepted the resignation of Dr Lee Thean Chye, father of JJPTR founder Johnson Lee.

Cabinet concerned about money game scams

"Why do people still believe in them? Because they want to get rich quickly."

New platform to reimburse old members: Johnson Lee

PETALING JAYA, Apr 27 (Sin Chew Daily) -- JJPTR founder Johnson Lee claimed that he would develop a new investment platform to pay back old members with the money from new members.

He also said JJPTR had many substantial businesses and that there would be new funds for the company to rise again from ashes.

During a WhatsApp interview with Sin Chew Daily, Lee said existing members no longer needed to pay although he wasn't sure when they would get back their money.

"It will certainly be faster than the bank's interest payment," he promised

Sanity over greed

It all comes down to one vulnerable human attribute: greed.


Your best bet to riches is your own hard work.


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