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Kudos to PDRM for a job well done

Besides displaying a high level of competency in solving major cases like this, perhaps the police should also do more to protect the property and safety of ordinary citizens like us.

Umno Youth protests outside North Korean embassy

Unhappy with the allegations against Malaysian police over the investigation of Kim Jong-nam's assassination, Umno Youth members protested outside the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

Bukit Aman officers to seek help in Macau for DNA sample

Three officers from Bukit Aman flew to Macau to meet the local Interpol officers in a bid to seek assistance in obtaining DNA sample of Kim Jong-nam's next-of-kin.

Vietnamese suspect in Kim killing is country girl: neighbors

The Vietnamese suspect in the killing of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother was renowned for her fashion, funky hairstyles and foreign boyfriends, say family members shocked at the link between their poor rice-farming village and a crime that has gripped the world.

North Korea lashes Malaysia over Kim assassination

North Korea’s state media broke a 10-day silence Thursday on the murder of Kim Jong-Un’s half brother, launching a ferocious assault on Malaysia for “immoral” handling of the case and for playing politics with the corpse.

Spies, spies everywhere

Spying across the 38th parallel remains very much alive to this day, and each operation is marked by steep hostility and unwarranted sacrifices.

North Korea diplomat wanted over Kim killing

Detectives probing the assassination of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother want to question a North Korean diplomat, Malaysia's top policeman said Wednesday.

N. Korea more isolated than ever after killing

North Korea had few friends even before the assassination of the leader's half-brother at a Kuala Lumpur airport last week, but the fallout from the killing looks set to further isolate the nuclear-armed state.

A lesson from Kim's killing

Conventional logic does not apply to an impressionable and tyrannical leader of an autocratic state. It is now time to review our diplomatic policy to stop us from getting sucked into any international conspiracy.

Full post-mortem report pending analysis by Chemistry Dept: Health DG

The full report on the post-mortem conducted on the remains of Kim Jong-nam will be available after completion of the Chemistry Department's forensic analysis, said Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.


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