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British parliament backs Brexit delay

British MPs have voted to ask the European Union to delay Brexit, with just two weeks to go until the UK is scheduled to leave the bloc.

Scottish vote to air opposition to Brexit

The Scottish parliament is expected to officially register its opposition to the British government's march towards Brexit on Tuesday in a vote that will further strain the bonds of the United Kingdom.

Populist earthquakes make 2017 the great unknown

Donald Trump and Brexit: 2016 was a year of populist earthquakes on both sides of the Atlantic, spelling huge uncertainty for upcoming European elections and the direction of US policy.

Brexiteers fighting metric system, one street at a time

Armed with high-vis jackets, a ladder and a half-inch spanner, Tony Bennett and Derek Norman are the footsoldiers of Brexit, waging a slow but successful battle against metrication, one street at a time.

Happy Brexit Christmas! Prices stay even... for now

The bill for Christmas dinners in Britain is mostly unchanged from last year, experts said, even though the higher price of imported raisins will hike the cost of Christmas puddings by 21 percent.

Luxury shoppers crowd London for Brexit bargains

While the prospect of Brexit is weighing on much of the British economy, tourism and luxury goods businesses are cashing in on bargain-hungry visitors lured by the slide in the pound.

British ex-PMs raise possibility of new Brexit vote

Former British prime minister John Major believes there is a "credible case" for a second referendum on Brexit, a newspaper reported Friday, after his successor Tony Blair suggested the process could be stopped.

Brexit effect yet to be felt: academics

The effect of the the UK's vote to leave the European Union (EU) on the British economy will not be known until the end of the year, a leading economics professor said on Wednesday at a briefing on the implications of the British exit (Brexit) from the EU, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

Former British PM Cameron quits politics

Britain's former prime minister David Cameron resigned his seat in the House of Commons on Monday, less than three months after losing an EU referendum in which he had campaigned to stay in the bloc.

Eurozone business activity strong despite Brexit: survey

Eurozone economic activity edged higher in August with few signs that Brexit-linked dangers were yet hurting the European economy, a closely watched survey showed Tuesday.



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