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Obama, Trump hold 'excellent' White House talks

Barack Obama and Donald Trump on Thursday put past animosity aside during a 90-minute White House meeting designed to quell fears about the health of the world's pre-eminent democracy.

Anti-establishment fad

People have grown even more pessimistic and depressed, and are more inclined to trust some weird lone rangers in the likes of Duterte and Trump, believing that these are God's messengers to lead them across the Red Sea.

Trump's Muslim ban temporarily removed from website

One of President-elect Donald Trump's most divisive promises -- to ban Muslims from entering America -- disappeared from his campaign website before reappearing on Thursday.

Fresh protests erupt in several US cities over Trump win

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in several US cities for a second night of nationwide protests on Thursday over the stunning election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

America under Trump

The dust has finally settled on the US presidential election. The triumphant Trump is not that kind of US president the world is accustomed to. The international community still needs time to adjust and adapt.

Trump election win sparks protests across US

Protesters burned a giant orange-haired head of Donald Trump in effigy, lit fires in the streets and blocked traffic as rage over the billionaire's election victory spilled onto the streets of major US cities.

Trump triumph deals body blow to US brand

With his stunning election triumph, Donald Trump has emblazoned his name in golden letters on the brand of the United States.

Obama to host Trump at White House

A triumphant Donald Trump heads to the White House Thursday for talks with President Barack Obama on securing a smooth transition of power and steading nerves after an election that shocked the world.

Trump's election: Malaysians just as helpless!

Malaysia is not spared from such a dilemma. In fact, it looks all too familiar to us here. Very soon, we may also have to make our difficult decisions.

Trump fared well with women voters despite sex assault claims

Despite sex assault allegations hounding him, fat-shaming a former beauty queen and his controversial abortion stand, a large number of women voters helped put Donald Trump in the White House.


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