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Family Fun Time photo contest

Take a FUN family photo during the holidays and share it with us! A grand prize of RM1,000 and many more prizes worth RM8,000 to be given away!

More on marriage issues

In any marriage, there are ups and downs and there are times during fights when one party wishes he or she could just walk away from it all. Some resort to promise "never to fight" again or to simply take a walk in the park when arguments get too heated.

Single parents

Parenting in itself is a difficult role but single parents have an even more arduous task ahead of them. They have to play their own role as well as the role of the absent parent. While most religions frown on divorce especially if there are children in the family, parents who have lost a spouse through death are usually given the love and support of the religious bodies and the extended family. This is important and can be built upon to make up for the absent parent.

The use of punishment and rewards

Punishment and rewards, the stick and the carrot, are useful tools in disciplining children, provided they are used wisely. Here are some of Dr Dobson's comments on the use of rewards as positive reinforcement and the withholding of rewards as a means to help a child unlearn negative behaviour.

Families under fire

The family can be under constant attack and it is the responsibility of each family member to combat these attacks and be committed no matter what. Let us look at some situations.

Disciplining the elementary school child - 2

It would be great if children would behave and grow up in the manner all good parents would desire them to. However, the process of helping our children work towards this desired end is not like drawing a straight line or solving a mathematical problem. Each child comes with his unique character and personality that require careful moulding and shaping by parents to help become responsible human beings.

The five keys to family harmony

Want your home to run smoothly? Dr. James Dobson suggests the following prescriptions.

Engaging cooperation

As parents we have the task of getting our children to behave in ways that are acceptable to us and to society. Often this involves making them do what they don't want to do, or stopping them from doing what they want to do.

Disciplining elementary school child

It must be recognised that the elementary school child has reached an age of understanding. As such, parents should act as role-models in helping them to become socially acceptable. Children between the ages of seven to twelve are able to appreciate and evaluate values such as honesty, courtesy and fair-play. In fact they have an extremely sensitive reaction to what is fair and acceptable.

More on living with teenagers

In my conversations with parents of teenagers, I often hear remarks like "It's so stressful having a teenager at home," or "They drive me up the wall," or "They annoy me to no end," or "My son locks himself in the room and ignores my knocks on the door. What shall I do? Shall I just ignore him and let him be?



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