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Differing approach to discipline

Sometimes my husband and I disagree on our discipline and argue in front of our children about what is best. Do you think this is damaging?

Getting your daughter through Adolescent River

My 16-year-old daughter is driving me crazy. She is sassy, noisy, and selfish. Her room looks like a pigpen, and she won't work any harder in school than absolutely necessary to get by. Everything I taught her, from manners to faith, seems to have sailed through her ears. What in the world do my husband and I do now?

Keeping my lazy teen on track

My thirteen-year-old daughter has become increasingly lazy in the past couple of years. She lies around the house and will sleep half a day on Saturday. She complains about being tired a lot. Is this typical of early adolescence? How should I deal with it?

Bickering with my teen daughter

My teen daughter, Cynthia, and I have incredible fights sometimes. No one has ever gotten to me in quite the way she can. We actually yell at each other when these battles are going on. How unusual is that kind of conflict between mothers and daughters? And is there hope for us?

Making family memories, intentionality is key

Strong families are built on a foundation of love, and love, as you probably know, doesn't simply happen.

Driving parent crazy, child has a nervous habit

My child has a nervous habit that is driving me crazy. I've done everything I can think of to put a stop to it, but so far nothing has worked. Can you help me?

Overly critical parent, results beginning to surface

I'm afraid I've had an overly critical attitude toward my children, and the results are now beginning to surface. How do we turn this around?

Mother lack of sleep, child refuses to stay in bed

Battles at bedtime are not unusual when there is a strong-willed child in the house.

Working mother, what quality time with children

You may have more time than you realize. If not, it's crucial that you put out an effort to find or make some.

Child always lying, how to stop behavior?

I have a daughter who can't seem to stop telling "tall tales." I catch her in lies all the time at home, and now she's complaining that the children at school don't believe anything she says. Does she simply have a great imagination, or is this a serious problem?



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