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GST will be abolished: Tun M

Pakatan Harapan will keep its promise to abolish the Goods and Services Tax (GST) after forming the federal government.

Listen to the experts

In the midst of deafening political noises, it is not a bad idea to lend an ear to the experts.

An unusually busy year-end season

What if the government has done its best and still fails to fill the shortfall?

Need for enhanced tax awareness in F&B industry

The authorities should also encourage business operators to declare their tax returns by optimizing the taxation system to take the "underground" operators "above ground".

GST defaulters barred from leaving country

Business owners owing GST will now join PTPTN, company and individual income tax defaulters in the list of people barred from leaving the country.

The curse of letters

These sets of letters are enough to cause a headache individually. Imagine they all come together at once!


A truly efficient government will not reverse its earlier decisions on a regular basis.

No GST for 60 food items

No GST for 60 food items from July 1.

GST, two years on

Two years on, BN's plan does not seem to work and the economy is not getting any better.

GST for duty-free items

Duty-free shops in Kedah and Perlis received the notification from the state customs departments on the implementation of GST only ten to 15 days later.


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