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MH370 families reject Malaysia's conclusion on plane debris

An MH370 families organisation said Wednesday it would not accept the Malaysian government's declaration that wreckage found on an island in the Indian Ocean came from the ill-fated flight until more "conclusive" analysis is completed.

Chinese MH370 families demand to go to Reunion

Chinese relatives of passengers aboard missing flight MH370 on Friday demanded to be taken to the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, where a wing part was found that the Malaysian government said was from the plane.

France steps up Reunion island search for MH370 wreckage

France said it would launch new air, land and sea searches from Reunion on Friday in hopes of finding more wreckage from MH370, after Malaysia said a wing part found on the island came from the ill-fated flight.

MH370 confirmation raises hopes flight mystery could be solved

Malaysia said Thursday that debris found on a remote island was from flight MH370, the first proof that the plane met a tragic end in the Indian Ocean 17 months ago and offering hopes one of aviation's biggest mysteries could finally be solved.

MH370: What can we learn from forensic examination of flaperon?

An investigation team in France is examining a Boeing 777 flaperon which washed up on the French island of La Reunion and that Malaysia says is from missing flight MH370.

Flaperon confirmation a major breakthrough: MAS

Confirmation that the flaperon found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is from MH370 is a major breakthrough in resolving the disappearance of the plane, Malaysia Airlines said.

MAS to meet MH370 Chinese families Friday

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) confirmed a delegation from the national carrier will be meeting the next-of-kin of passengers from China who were onboard MH370, on Friday.

Wreckage 'conclusively confirmed' as from MH370: Najib

Debris found on a remote island a week ago is from flight MH370, Malaysia's prime minister said Thursday, confirming that the plane which mysteriously disappeared 17 months ago met a tragic end in the Indian Ocean.

World hopes for first clues to MH370 mystery

Technical experts in France were to begin examining a washed-up plane part on Wednesday that almost certainly belonged to missing flight MH370, raising hopes that some light may finally be shed on one of aviation's darkest mysteries.

MH370 investigators to meet in France ahead of wing analysis

Five days after the discovery of a Boeing 777 wing fragment on La Reunion island, French and Malaysian aviation experts will meet together with police and magistrates in Paris Monday to coordinate their work in the investigation into the disappearance of Flight MH370.



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