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Private bill unrelated to hudud: Jamil Khir

"I can't say the bill is totally unrelated to non-Muslims, but it will not deny non-Muslims of their rights."

PAS' shrinking territory

Sure enough PAS will still have its loyal followers but it is inevitable that the party will eventually retreat to its Kelantan base, where it scrambles to keep the state administration intact.

Complete break-up

Losing a few seats is not the end of the game, as we can still recapture them one day. But allowing PAS to expand its political influences unchecked in the country will take us down the irreversible path of lslamization.

Nothing to do with us at all?

It is a form of respect for non-Muslims to abstain from eating in front of Muslims during the fasting month, but this kind of respect is often overinterpreted and distorted. As a result, non-Muslim students are forced to eat stealthily or inside the school toilet.

The political future of the Malays

The by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar are decisive battlegrounds for various Malay political forces: Umno, PAS, PKR to the more recent Amanah and Mahathir's movement. The more divisive the Malay society, the more people will look to Umno for guidance.

Muslims' attitude towards hudud

But, non-Muslims are only a minority in this country and can never play a decisive role on such a crucial issue. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the attitude of the majority Muslim population.

What after the by-elections?

Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is for certain: none of the political parties can alter the big picture and deliver the country out of racist and religious politics.

Nothing to lose

Anyway, this seat has not belonged to PH and it has nothing to lose if it decides to stay out of the race... Unfortunately the proposal fell on deaf ears.

Consequences Umno will have to face

When elected reps are compelled to take sides based on their religious affiliations, what we are going to have is no longer a political rivalry but religious rivalry which will eventually tear up the Malaysian society.

The castration of BN parties

But in reality, BN is not made up of equals. The relationship today is that of a master and unquestioningly obedient servants. The BN spirit of teamwork that led to its formation many years are long gone. The BN spirit today is one of servitude to Umno.


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