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What after the by-elections?

Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is for certain: none of the political parties can alter the big picture and deliver the country out of racist and religious politics.

Nothing to lose

Anyway, this seat has not belonged to PH and it has nothing to lose if it decides to stay out of the race... Unfortunately the proposal fell on deaf ears.

Consequences Umno will have to face

When elected reps are compelled to take sides based on their religious affiliations, what we are going to have is no longer a political rivalry but religious rivalry which will eventually tear up the Malaysian society.

The castration of BN parties

But in reality, BN is not made up of equals. The relationship today is that of a master and unquestioningly obedient servants. The BN spirit of teamwork that led to its formation many years are long gone. The BN spirit today is one of servitude to Umno.

Concerted effort to block hudud

We must put aside our differences and ill-feelings and work together hand-in-hand to safeguard the Federal Constitution and the rights of the rakyat.

Hudud too risky a game for Malaysia: G25

"PAS claimed that Nigeria had successfully implemented hudud. That was a lie, as no countries have ever implemented hudud successfully."

Umno's dangerous political bet

BN is risking a further depletion of any residual non-Malay support; other BN component parties would invariably take the brunt, pushing the coalition closer to the edge of the cliff.

Umno must put the country's interest above its own

Umno's decision to collude with PAS has put MCA and Gerakan Rakyat in a grave dilemma. While these two parties have reprimanded Umno in strongest terms for betraying them, perhaps they should more so weigh in the other "what if" options.

Non-Muslim cabinet members threaten resignation over hudud

Liow says MCA will launch a civic campaign to get more Malaysians to stand up and defend the country's Constitution and oppose to PAS' tabling of the private bill on hudud in the Parliament.

Umno has betrayed us: Liow

"Umno has betrayed other BN component parties by collaborating with PAS."


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