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Umno needs the support of East Malaysians and non-Muslims in order to return to Putrajaya.

A special Merdeka

Flying the Jalur Gemilang shouldn't be contingent on what we feel about our country's current political scenario or its leaders. What is most important is the flag that we fly in our hearts and minds.

Proportional representation replacing FPTP for future elections?

Among the proposals are removing the RoS' authority to register political parties and possible moving away from the First-Past-The-Post voting system.

Lim Guan Eng's acquittal

The AG's Chambers must come out with a statement explaining their decision as soon as possible.

Highway tolls: to abolish or not to abolish?

The PH government must make a clear statement on the abolition of highway tolls and not to keep dragging the issue indefinitely.

A call for democratic education

Before introducing any new policy, do take seriously the need for young people to learn how to participate in a democracy and to adopt democratic education.

How far can the new govt go?

The ball is right at the feet of the new government whether it wants to go further from here or revert to BN's old way.

Careless talks

Government leaders need to exercise caution when delivering their speeches and should refrain from talking without the backing of any supporting data or evidence.

Malaysia's liberal image in peril

The strict enforcement of Islamic law in Terengganu, as Muslim human rights activists put it, does not conform to the spirit of compassion of Islamic teachings.

After the bumi congress

Umno and PAS are getting so desperate now that they will resort to any dirty trick imaginable.



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