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Love and harmony

The recipe for inter-community harmony: love and respect.

Reining in the revolving door phenomenon

This will be a good beginning for the government to redress the largely negative public perception of the country's civil service, and to establish a culture of integrity for both the public and private sectors.

Unfortunate coincidence

It was merely an unfortunate coincidence and human negligence, not because someone had the intention of offending the Islamic faith.

Strong determination to kick the smoking habit

A powerful resolution is all it takes to kick the smoking habit.

Revolving door and unspoken rules

Plugging one or two graft channels will not make much difference; all we need is a thorough systemic reform.

Treating foreign maids with respect

Maids offer their services in exchange for remunerations, and employers have absolutely no right to exploit them in any way.

Prioritizing passenger safety

The safety of Uber passengers must never be compromised, in addition to convenience and affordability.

Free, finally

Car-making industry and nationalism are two very different things. Forcing the two together will not make things happen but will ruin them instead.

A chance for Proton's rebirth

The deal will give Proton its much needed chance for rebirth while serving also the strategic needs of Geely.

Believing in lies

What can we do when people choose to believe in lies?


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