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Spies, spies everywhere

Spying across the 38th parallel remains very much alive to this day, and each operation is marked by steep hostility and unwarranted sacrifices.

Back to the National Principles

I suggest that we refer back to the Constitution and Rukunegara while stating our claims. This is of particular importance to the Chinese community, and should become an inevasible obligation of all citizens.

A lesson from Kim's killing

Conventional logic does not apply to an impressionable and tyrannical leader of an autocratic state. It is now time to review our diplomatic policy to stop us from getting sucked into any international conspiracy.

Crossing the red line

There is a bottomline as to how far any political calculation can go. We must not rock the foundation of our nation-building for the sake of near-term political interests.

RUU355 not hudud, but is it OK?

These amendments are not hudud, that is true, but they are a first step towards it.

The heartbreaking reality of a party veteran

People like him should be appreciated and treasured, not publicly decried as "tumors" that must be plucked at all costs.

Rivalry from within

This whole drama not only exposes the ugly side of humanity, but could also turn many disillusioned voters away.

Love thy neighbor

In every Umno assembly we would see delegates hitting out at SJKCs. This is a natural development from our chronic lack of understanding and accommodativeness

Trimming civil service a tall order

Trimming civil service will help boost efficiency and relieve the government's smothering financial burden, but in political reality doing this is no better than jumping off the cliff.

Put RM30 million to better use, please

Instead of taking stern actions on these illegal street racers, our government has opted to condone their dangerous acts, culminating now in a wasteful RM30 million race circuit.


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