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The PKR feud and its implication on Malaysian politics

Anwar needs to fix such an imbalance through a party election in a bid to water down the confrontation.

Institutionalizing allocations for independent schools

Since the government has reiterated its support for independent high schools, it should turn that verbal promise into firm action and institutionalize the allocations as soon as possible.

New economic policy

There are two things the new PH government can do: give NEP another new name and start building a brand new interest group to inherit all the economic benefits, or completely overhaul the existing policy.

Black shoes, white shoes

It is hoped that all future measures will be thoroughly studied by ministry officials before an announcement is made.

Nga Kor Ming and Liew Chin Tong

A full and sincere apology will not negate or destroy a person's worth but will unleash his potentials for the future.

New guidelines governing SST

The government must ensure that the implementation and enforcement of SST fulfill the government's financial needs as well as aspiration of the people.

Must a bumi support a bumi right?

Umno risks becoming a failed party if it veers too much towards the right and continues to play racist tactics.

On picking a new Speaker

Raising the issue was not to register disapproval of Mohamad Ariff's appointment nor the support for opposition walkout, but that the house orders must be of priority consideration.

Start of a fresh round of political fights

PH's internal struggle is poised to hurt its credibility, but fortunately the opposition is suffering from even bigger problems, especially Umno.

Cost reduction more practical

Perhaps TM should consider lowering the cost to alleviate the burden of average Malaysians, as unnecessary speed upgrades could be meaningless to them.



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