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Election phobia

We cannot count on politicians or elections to bring about reforms. The civil society should take the lead to reinstate the functionality of checks and balances mechanism through political awareness enhancement campaigns, allowing public consensus to drive the country's reforms.

Online political war

With truths interspersed with a multitude of lies and confusions, the judgmental powers of voters are once again put to serious test.

Stop the slide please

There are many Muslims who say the Chinese shouldn't be "self censoring". Stick to your culture and don't be cowed, they say.

Malaysians still denied basic rights

It is hoped that government policies should make people capable of living on their own and ensure everyone is getting an equal opportunity.

Gagging the racists with unresponsiveness

The most fitting reaction is to give them the cold shoulder. They will stop the moment they find that their nonsense cannot sell in the society.

Where's the euphoria in our economic upswing?

Living expenses of low to middle-income groups have been rising remarkably against modest increases in their incomes, hence the overall depressed consumer sentiment.

It all started with FM appointment

If we were to put things right again, we've got to start from the very source of all the evils.

Be fair and inclusive, not divisive

The government should come out against racist and unrighteous remarks but has surprisingly been so quiet!

New level of cooperation between Malaysia and Singapore

Both sides must strive to ease the perennial congestion before the RTS goes into operation by December 31, 2024.

Too many strategies but anything for rakyat?

Each party has its own calculations with the hope of clinching the ultimate triumph. But, have they ever spared some thought for this country and her people?


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