My Sinchew/ Opinion

A clanhouse's misplaced LED lighting

Why don't we let young people have their ways so long as they do not veer off from the big direction?

Need for enhanced tax awareness in F&B industry

The authorities should also encourage business operators to declare their tax returns by optimizing the taxation system to take the "underground" operators "above ground".

Political persecution or environment disaster?

If irregularities from a previous administration should be spared, then why should the voters in Penang vote in a DAP government in the first place?

Crime-battling our common duty

We cannot count on the police alone to eradicate crime.

In want of matured political culture

We need to establish a matured political culture and incidents like the one at "Nothing To Hide 2.0" must never happen again.

What has race got to do with it all?

As far as I'm concerned, you hang with and trust people who are nice and trustworthy. Nothing else matters.

PPBM survive long term?

It's extremely important for PPBM to gain significant wins in upcoming elections. Their whole survival is at risk if they do not succeed.

No end in sight to Indira's plight

The ruling coalition is eager to please the conservatives, more so to cooperate with PAS, at the expense of the amendment bill apparently.

SEA Games: Keeping terrorists at bay

Not a single country can be spared from the threat of terrorism.

Reviewing the relevance of mandatory death penalty

Progressively withdrawing death penalty is a global trend we must come to terms with.


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