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Protecting the rights of housebuyers

As a public servant serving the rakyat, the minister must prioritize the interests of the people at all times, not making decisions that may jeopardize their rights and interests.

They can. Can we?

Artists are expected to be apolitical. Politics, they are often told, is for the politicians, and if artists want to be in politics, they should get into the ring.

Enhanced Malaysia-Saudi relations

Following the visit by King Salman, relations between the two countries are poised to be further strengthened. Quoting the King, Najib said the two countries were currently enjoying the "highest ever or best ever relations".

Refreshing new politics for Malaysia

Our government leaders can no longer bask in the "feel good" atmosphere, completely ignorant of the presence of our problems.

Effective crisis management

This has been one such instance of highly effective crisis management, a model of dispelling prejudices and misunderstandings in a multicultural society like ours.

Exam-centric education

To deliver ourselves from such mental bondage, we will need to institute a major community-wide mental reform, and renew our understanding of education.

Death of a DPRK citizen

While we are pampered with all things material, along with loads of information both real and false, we still think that we are not having a happy life, grumbling and cursing constantly as if life has been too harsh to us.

Stop selling fake products

Why are original products so expensive in the first place? The main culprit in many of these cases is the government itself.

A suspenseful killing plot

Kim Jong-nam's assassination is like a suspenseful Korean spy movie that is expected to take quite some time before all the truths eventually come to light.

Kudos to PDRM for a job well done

Besides displaying a high level of competency in solving major cases like this, perhaps the police should also do more to protect the property and safety of ordinary citizens like us.


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