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EC could help more East Malaysians and others to vote

No one should be penalized by having to incur unnecessary air travel costs just to exercise his or her duty to vote.

We're no Taliban state

The toxic Talibanistic thinking has since spread to many other parts of our world.

Salute the Johor Sultan

The launderette owner has absolutely no sense of empathy or respect for other religions as is required of him by all standards of ethics and civility.

In defence of moderation

The Sultan has done and said things our politicians have failed so badly.

Bike-sharing: Need for more comprehensive planning

The effective implementation of a bike-sharing program necessitates the presence of a comprehensive management system that should come into being through the concerted effort of stakeholders.

In the name of sanctity

Religious hypocrisy has no place in our pluralistic society.

They have politics written all over them

It's not sensitivity, security, rain or anything else. It's politics that tears our country apart.

Stop deepening the rift

Dividing the people along religious lines and wickedly protruding our differences will not do national unity a favor.

The Bank Negara RCI raises questions

What a shame they damage public trust in the noble institution of RCI in a blatant exhibition of hypocrisy.

Saving our marginalized youths

The problems of marginalized and underprivileged youths are highly intricate and must be dealt with macroscopically.


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