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Pakatan Harapan's 100 days performance: A slow but good start

We ought to give time to the PH government to perform. If they fail to do so, then as responsible citizens we can start constructively criticizing them.

UEC: A new chapter in national unity and economic opportunities

The government must be more inclusive when formulating new educational policies to ensure no one is left out just because of different medium of instruction.

Jho Low, you've nowhere to run!

You can't dodge your responsibility forever. The more you try to run, the more it proves your guilt.


Maszlee's conservative replies to questions on UEC and allocations backfire, as voters no longer gauge him with the same kind of yardstick now.

PH needs to have more faith in itself

The government should focus more on bigger issues instead of getting so obsessed with national car 3.0 or bumiputra convention.

No end to the issue of foreign workers

Sporadic enforcement, fines and voluntary repatriation program, etc. will only solve part of the problem.

A political test bed

The significance lies with the fact that Sungai Kandis being a political test bed will test the effectiveness of Umno-PAS cooperation and which way Umno is headed to hereafter.

Old friends

Mahathir has always been a pragmatic leader who would make appropriate judgments and decisions based on the needs of the country as a trading economy and sovereign state.

An undying preoccupation

Will someone please relate the Nano story to Tun Mahathir the next time he mentions the new national car project?

New Malaysia, still far from us

PH parties must put aside their own calculations and continue to pursue the aspiration of a New Malaysia with the same kind of enthusiasm.



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