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Timor Leste’s struggle in sustaining democracy amidst developmental challenges

After 15 years of its restoration of independence, Timor Leste is a country that remains unknown to many of us in the Southeast Asia region. Geographically, it is located on the eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago. As a small state, the country has a population of only 1.2 million people.

Selective religious prosecution is shameful

The case of Mustafa Akyol illustrates yet another case of selective prosecution, this time by our religious police.

Legal, but not right

Some of the things are perfectly legal, but they are simply not right to execute.


In the end, the side with the strongest political clout will have its say. And it is obvious now which side has the upper hand!

Moderation, our ultimate vision

Malaysians regardless of race and religion must adopt a moderate attitude in defending our constitutional rights and at the same time respect one another's differences.

An important milestone for Proton

Among Proton's problems are poor management, inferior product innovation, lack of competitiveness and compromised profitability as a consequence of rising cost.

Unnatural deaths in Navy

Such lawless things should not have happened in a disciplined institution in the first place.

Chinese to the rescue of Malaysian businesses

If we can't beat them, join them and learn from them, as this is our only way to survival and further progress.


A country that backslides and upholds religious fundamentalism will never qualify as moderate state.

Whose cultural norms and practices matter?

The aim of cultural rights is basically to ensure that people get to practise their own culture and participate freely in the culture of their choice.


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