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A dead body and eleven lives

Banning North Koreans from leaving Malaysia is not a problem with the Pyongyang regime. To Kim, his people are worthless accessories he can readily dispense with.

The disappearance of a pastor

With extremism on the rise in the midst of political chaos in recent years, relations among religions and ethnic communities have become both fragile and sensitive.

Souring KL-Pyongyang relations

Kim Jong-nam's assassination shows that Pyongyang has been acting defiantly in its own way, treating incidents taking place elsewhere as its domestic affairs in total disregard of diplomatic protocol.

Transparency needed in fuel pricing policy

The key lies with how the government is going to set the weekly ceiling prices, and whether they will be computed based on the existing formula.

Early election for Sabah? Tough decision

To be honest, BN does not command any advantage in Sabah, but in the wake of a divided opposition camp which is fast losing its steam, CM Musa Aman feels the timing couldn't have been better now to crush the opponents.

Joint effort to fight extremism

Most of the Sunni extremist organizations operating around the world -- from the Taliban in Afghanistan, radical religious outfits in Southeast Asia and even the globally dreaded IS group -- have evolved around the fundamentalist Wahhabi sect which is itself closely associated with Saudi Arabia.

The formula we've yet to see

If the formula is not any trade secret, why this long wait?

Can EC do more for rakyat?

EC must go all out to cooperate with the rakyat to register voters as soon as possible, before time constraints deprive eligible individuals of their birthright and deny us of our full democratic electoral participation.

Malaysia's edge in drawing investments

The same thing can happen anywhere else, and by no means should anyone conclude that this country is unsafe.

Creating age-friendly communities

2040 is not too far away, and if our urban well-being, housing and local government ministry has yet to come up with any substantial plan, perhaps it can take a look at Singapore's Action Plan for Successful Ageing.


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