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Light at the end of tunnel for pig farmers

Pig farmers must first help themselves before they expect the state government to help them.

It's mismanagement, again

The country and her people have paid an astronomical price for mismanagement and lax supervision on the part of government-linked companies..

e-payment, the way to be

The advent of Alipay will not only have a positive impact on Malaysia's tourism industry but will also catapult us towards a cashless society.

What if our laws are unenforceable?

We can rightly claim that the 1MDB scandal set a starting point for the steady decline of rule of law and morality in this country.

The national pastime of anticipation

Anticipation and disappointment are ultimately on two sides of the same coin.

Who are the victims?

The game will still go on, and in fact will get bigger and bigger, until the real disaster strikes one day.

Hasty decision

The idea is good, but the way the government rushes through its implementation is disconcerting.


With Zhang Jian now escorted back to China to face legal actions, perhaps it's time for wuxingbi investors here to wake up from their get-rich dreams.

Be answerable to shareholders

Any shift in FGV's business performance and investment directions will affect Felda, which boasts a multitude of settlers to whom FGV needs to answer.

The freakie of the Arab World

Diplomatically Qatar is a lone ranger, trying hard to free itself from Saudi's influences and going its own way.


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