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The best opening show ever

If you happen to miss the opening show, look for it at YouTube and have a personal feel of the Malaysian spirit. Other things like misprint of Indonesian flag and the medal count are of secondary importance now.

Flag misprint unintentional

In the unfortunate event they do happen again, it is hoped that the mistakes could be undone soonest so that we can divert our attention back to the competition again.

What kind of country are we after?

What kind of country are we after? Is it one that looks great from outside, or one that is forward-looking and globally competitive?

The 'hotspot school' list controversy

Parents and school authorities do not need to be overly responsive to the list, while the public should refrain from overinterpreting it lest they create unjustified panic in the society.

Cheer for our athletes

Let's lay down our differences and prejudices to support our athletes.

Hubris syndrome

You may discover that your past frenzy could have contributed to this regression, but the sanity that returns with the drop of temperature should prompt you into making the right decision this time. So, why should you give up?

A question of fair play

Political leaders always want to use sports to rally support for themselves in the guise of patriotism, but we all know too well how gerrymandering can lead to unfair advantage in political contests.

Celebrating our 60th Merdeka with gratitude and concerns

Race considerations must be removed for fairness, justice and righteousness to strengthen and national cohesion to rise.

What caused BN's downfall in Selangor

Whenever something goes wrong, that's not my fault, for sure, and when they are put under public scrutiny, they always have a thousand and one excuses to rationalize their follies.

Promote greater religious tolerance

The Malaysian society is becoming increasingly intolerant as the status of Islam is accorded undue priority.


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