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Quelling the rumors

If Mahathir and Anwar can put their differences behind them and work together, they will make a perfect team.

A day in Port Dickson

Perhaps these are the two things Anwar needs most now: trust from the Malay society and support from Mahathir, which can both be seen here in Port Dickson.

The impact and importance of APEC

Malaysia wants free and fair trade, not the kind of trade where international dispute mechanism favors politicians and businessmen of the major powers.

Review Lukman’s death penalty for medical marijuana

The challenge for Malaysia is to draft new laws specific enough to differentiate marijuana for medical as opposed to recreational and other uses.

The world is more than five

No one knows if the world will eventually listen to Mahathir, but the time has come for the global civil society to press for change.

A party confused

Umno appears to be a party in a state of confusion right now. Their recently concluded General Assembly illustrates this very clearly.

Incentives to boost investor confidence

The government must come up with attractive incentives to let investors see their prospects of investing here.

Failed warning system

Education and a positive attitude are prerequisites to bring the harm of natural disasters to a minimum.

Anwar's many rivals in PD

PAS' participation in Port Dickson by-election spells an end to Umno's hope of a unity government with PH and PAS, as Ahmad Zahid has asserted.

Nothing has changed in Umno

Umno is still very much the same old conservative party it used to be, with the proposed lowering of party entry age to 16 being the only "surprise" at the assembly.



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