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Let's walk more and talk less to strengthen national unity

The trust deficit has to be wiped out sooner than later for Malaysia to move forward.

Sharing the same destiny

We are sharing a common destiny in this country, and divisive policies will only bring us to a standstill. We can only propel the nation forward by forging a truly Malaysian ideology.

On the eve of Merdeka, contemplate the country's future

If we don't do anything now, the entire society could be plunged into a state of chaos when the crisis erupts.

SEA Games: Not just Khairy's but ours too

Before we start cursing, perhaps we should first ask ourselves whether we have contributed anything to it.

Stern actions on erring civil servants

Irregularities on the part of government institutions have been widely reported, and this will invariably bog down the country's development pace.

In the interest of justice?

Could it be that they are doing this now because Mahathir is in the opposition? But that would mean they are using an important institution for political purposes.

The electoral ramification of fear

The perceived threat of losing their political clout is often posed by Malay political parties as a threat to the survival of the entire ethnic group.

Be a wise voter

We must sensibly assess the policies of various parties and quality of the candidates before making a final judgment.

Countries should make CPR a compulsory subject

Not only Malaysia but education ministries of all countries should make CPR a compulsory subject. Millions of lives would have been saved!

Concerted effort to fight terrorism

Among the potential terrorists arrested by the police recently were foreigners, including migrant workers found all around us.


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