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Voters, the ultimate losers in electoral redelineation

The voters are the ultimate losers in this game because to a certain degree their freedom and power of choosing the government have come under fire.

No more delay in UEC recognition

Most of those who are against UEC have hardly tried to understand the actual situation of independent Chinese education in this country, denying it wholly from their racist or political standpoint.

Zakat and non-Muslims

It would be good if the Perlis zakat plan will open up a bigger plan whereby the federal govt would extend existing funds used to help bumiputras to non-bumis as well.

Diplomatic crisis: a tough stand turning soft

Malaysia has embroiled itself in the battle of the giants and due to its limited resources, it can only protect its own interests.

Affirmative action is morally wrong

I still cannot see who among the Malay political leaders are brave enough to challenge the status quo and correct this moral injustice.

Creating world class universities

Denying their achievements will not do the students or the nation any good, but will instead entice parents to send their children overseas, eventually contributing to our perennial brain drain predicament.

Sense of honor

People are stingy in showing their recognition of other people's accomplishments or positive developments in our society, as if doing so will hurt their own interests.

Not your kind of Korean drama

Kim Jong-un's rash decisions to launch missiles have put Beijing in a very embarrassing position, and lent justification to Washington's intervention in Northeast Asian politics.

Handle diplomatic row in a rational manner

Based on Pyongyang's style in handling international affairs, having the UN to intervene will only complicate things and the outcome may be unfavorable to us. This adds uncertainties to the situation in Southeast Asia.

Befriending a devil

We have been dancing with the wolves for so long. It's now time to decisively sever the ties with Pyongyang.


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