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Surging ahead with OBOR

Over 100 countries and international organizations have expressed support for the initiative, of which 40 have inked agreements with Beijing.

Win-win in Sino-Malaysian cooperation

Whether Najib's visit could translate to more investments and cooperation from China has become the center of public attention.

Battling religious extremism

The key to battling religious radicalization and extremism lies with our capacity for religious introspection and humility.

Protecting the rights of the disabled

Humanitarian treatment for the underprivileged is a hallmark of civilization.

Fighting for the big prize

The grand winner will soon be unveiled, and that is when all our doubts will get explained.

Just how old are you, Umno?

The Umno of Datuk Onn is long gone. What we now have is a replacement.

Malay politics in a fix

The biggest risk in Malaysian politics lies with the fact that a handful of individuals are in firm control of their parties without an effective checks and balances mechanism in place.

Safeguarding secular Malaysia

We must pool our resources together to jointly defend our Constitution and secularism by outright rejecting PAS' RUU355 amendment bill.

Are the Chinese steering clear of Malaysia?

The deal has been called off probably because we are unable to fulfill Beijing's "shopping list" on political considerations.

Concerted effort to stamp out corruption

If members of the public are firm in exercising the 3J principle, the incidence of corruption will be remarkably reduced.


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