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Same old dilemma

The government cannot afford to keep spoon-feeding the people. It must change their work culture and encourage them to work harder in order to stay out of poverty.

The government's sincerity in abolishing tolls

We believe Malaysians will give the government some time, seeing its sincerity in getting the tolls eventually abolished.

Declare war on human traffickers

Many foreigners sold to Malaysia have come in as migrant workers, thanks to loopholes in our labor law, making it an uphill task to wipe out human trafficking and labor extortion activities.

Security cameras for crime reduction

Crime rate has dropped almost 20% after surveillance cameras are installed. This speaks of the measure's effectiveness.

Psycho warfare

There should be a limit as to how far a political psycho war can go; once overboard it could easily distract the country's focus on revitalizing the economy.

Earth-moving change in March?

"If they are no longer loyal to the country, I will also move to other parties... We are mobile, we are not fixed."

Party-hopping must stop immediately

PPBM and PH must bear in mind that many people voted for them because they wanted a new government that is progressive, not to witness the birth of Umno 2.0.

Broader representation needed for EAC

EAC must set up various working committees right away, and expand its representation in order to effectively serve its intended purposes.

EAC: will it actually work?

Malaysians hope that Mahathir's EAC will work, but for this to become possible, the PM himself needs to have a new mindset.

Semenyih, an indicator of Malay politics

There are downside factors for PPBM in Semenyih, including the declining credibility of the PH government and the alleged fake degree of deputy foreign minister Marzuki Yahya.



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