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Message from the drawer

Our leaders must make changes, advocate new ideologies and discard old school thoughts of using racial politics to garner support.

The curse of letters

These sets of letters are enough to cause a headache individually. Imagine they all come together at once!

Putting our differences behind us

Their insistence will only exacerbate the existing infighting and is detrimental to the long-term development of Chinese language education in Malaysia.

Not yet time for GE14

Najib is a very cautious, risk-averse man. The loss of more seats by British PM Theresa May in a hastily conducted election should serve as a warning.


A truly efficient government will not reverse its earlier decisions on a regular basis.

Respect the voters' choice

An assemblyman represents the will of the people voting for him, and the voters' choice must be respected at all costs.

Lessons from London

Our people in power have this habit of talking about what should and would be done only after a tragedy has occurred.

Tourism tax: another instance of poor planning

Lack of comprehensive planning has become a hallmark of the Malaysian government.

Say no to school bullying

Bullyism that we often think is just frolicking among youngsters could develop into something that may traumatize and divide our society if not contained.

Of arrogance and hegemony

Nazri's arrogance is perceived by Sarawakians as bullyism that characterizes the federal government.


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