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Towards world class universities

The rankings only serve as an indicator; our universities must be able to provide quality education to the students and groom large numbers of high-caliber talents that form a basis for the country's continued growth in future.

Rohingyas the jihadists?

The Rohingyas are being projected as terrorists out to kill Myanmar soldiers and civilians. At least Aung San Suu Kyi has spoken along these lines.

Wanted: A powerful political will

Merely chanting a loud slogan unaugmented by any real effort will not deliver the "change".

Malaysia deserves much more than this

Whenever this country is involved in something not so good, many would tend to incriminate Malaysia first without trying to find out what has actually happened.

Civil and political rights on the sidelines

Corruption is not just a crime and an embarrassment, it actually affects our development as money that goes into the pockets of the corrupt will not be used for health, education and other developmental goals.

When the system falls apart

Our politicians are more inclined to exploit the political capital in this scandal to attack their rivals than to review and overhaul the system so that similar absurdities will not recur in future.

Sitting for SPM Chinese paper

Students must be encouraged to learn the language and sit for the paper in SPM.

Rohingya issue: need for UN intervention

The continuous oppression is bound to trigger bigger backlash from the Rohingya community and hence, more violence on the horizon.

Legislation to regulate political funding

The healthy development of democratic politics must never be delayed again, and public demands for a clean and healthy political culture must be respected.

A very Singaporean dilemma in picking a president

For just how to go about selecting a successor to Dr Tony Tan, who completed his six-year term on Thursday, now hangs in the balance.


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