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Challenges for MCA's new leadership

MCA must decide which way it is headed to, and this includes a decision on its position in BN.

Who moved my cheese?

Stop blaming others like the two little people. Learn to solve the problem instead like the mice.

B40 biggest beneficiaries of Budget 2019

The government has introduced several measures to help lessen the financial burden of B40 in Budget 2019.

Strong political will to regulate funding

It's high time for the PH administration to re-look into this demand from the civil society to regulate political funding.

Anwar: Is he too late now?

Unless Anwar can muster enough support to stop Umno reps from defecting, the meteoric rise of PPBM will be unstoppable.

The challenges of e-textbooks

The adoption of e-textbooks marks an important milestone in digitization, but we need to address the many issues involved to create an equitable learning environment for schools nationwide.

Restoring the warm relationship with Beijing

Sino-Malaysian relationship constitutes a vital part in Malaysia's external relations, and the government has the obligation to ensure that bilateral ties remain always cordial and warm.

Complete ban of imported plastic waste

We should impose a complete ban on imported solid waste because we have no obligation to help the West solve their problems.

Mahathir and taxi drivers

When every finger is pointed at taxi drivers, does anyone ever think who created all this, or who issued the taxi permits? Were the taxi drivers going too far by asking Mahathir's help?

Umno's demise almost a sure thing now

Mahathir is the ultimate terminator of Umno presidents, and has three in his hit list so far.



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