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Can MAS take off again?

MAS can only resolve its long-standing problems in the absence of government intervention.

Faded hopes

The things Mahathir did in the past few months show that he is still very much embracing his old obsessions, including the national car project.

Mahathirism and BN 2.0

Old weaknesses and irregularities are still very much alive despite the advent of the New Malaysia.

Downsizing the bloated civil service

The government should employ state-of-the-art technology to replace some of the manpower not only for better control of government resources but also to enhance public service efficiency.

Need to lift the quality of our social media users

Legislating new laws alone is not enough to check the circulation of derogatory and inflammatory remarks on the social media. Web users themselves must exercise some degree of self restraint!

Reasonable requirement is not discrimination

We must get the differences between discrimination and reasonable commercial requirement right, before calling an employer racist.

From Semenyih to Rantau

Mohamad Hasan has come to the realization that Umno needs PAS more than PAS needs Umno, and that PAS has its own calculations and could even abandon Umno if such a need arises.

Denial syndrome

Any coffee shop analyst can tell why PH lost the elections, not because the opponents are getting stronger but PH has grown weaker!

Impact of Umno-PAS cooperation

With a formal relationship now sealed between Umno and PAS, getting BN to move on is becoming increasingly difficult.

MCA, MIC: Which way out?

MCA and MIC need to look for a new bumi partner to forge a new alliance in order to win the support of all races of this country. And this is not easy.



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