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Restore Sabah, Sarawak as equal partners

Lawmakers on both sides of the divide must lay down their differences and work together towards restoring the deserved status of Sabah and Sarawak.

Towards a healthy lifestyle

We must forego our favorite snacks and start going outdoors and move our muscles in order to live a healthy life.

Lifting the market confidence

Explicit and unambiguous government policies as well as their effective implementation are vital for local businesses to map out their mid- to long-term corporate strategies.

Asian Tigers: then and now

The rise of China sucked away most of the international funds, throwing these Little Tigers far behind in many areas.

Putting people's health first

What happened at Sungai Kim Kim must never be repeated anywhere else in this country.

Political chameleons

Chameleons change their colors to fit into the environment they are in.

The lost generation

Sure enough young people can only change their fates by themselves, but can I ask whether our government has done anything for these people?

What has prompted Nurul to do all this?

Only some extent of dissociation from Mahathir and the PH government he led could pave the way for Anwar's eventual ascension as well as her own political future.

Nurul's disappointment

Instead of quitting out of frustration, perhaps she should stand up and go down to the grassroots to change the political climate from bottom up in order to transform this country.

Let the world see that we are peace-loving people

Let the world and nation see that hatred has not been established here despite the fact we are predominantly Muslim, and that Malaysians are peace-loving people.



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