My Sinchew/ Opinion

Fighting fake news our common responsibility

We all have our own part to play in stopping the spread of fake news.

Is our economy really that promising?

The prospects are not as rosy as the government wants us to believe.

Politics on a treadmill

While there is still time, why not pass the baton to new generation leaders, and hopefully this will give us the ammunition to do the much needed catching up.

Need for RoS to clear the air

RoS must explain why DAP should hold fresh CEC elections again after four years.

After 16 years, 9/11 "Truth Movement" fights on

The best and quickest way to change your perspectives about 9/11 and the world is watch YouTube videos on the collapse of WTC 7.

What's so difficult about one subject?

Whether you like it or not, as citizens of this country, we all need to have a reasonable command of the national language.

Misplaced tactic

What works so well in the Chinese community may not work at all in the Malay society.

Our language dilemma

Chinese Malaysians will continue to be ensnared in this language dilemma owing to the historical, cultural and practical factors.

Political lethargy

If Pakatan is not even courageous enough to take the lead to change, how do we expect it to change this country?

Need for a comprehensive foreign workforce policy

We must not allow illegal foreign workers to flood our job market without taking any action.


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