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A win-win formula for all over ECRL

The government must take into account many different factors and try to seek a balancing point to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

Strong determination in battling corruption

The public service sector is a high-risk area for corruption, especially civil servants involved in decision-making and procurement.

The significance of first orangasli MP

What is more meaningful than fielding an orangasli candidate if a party really cares for this community and their well-being?

After the by-election

We should not over-interpret the outcome in Cameron Highlands, or we will very likely pass down the wrong judgment.

Awaiting a final decision on ECRL

Lim Guan Eng and Azmin Ali have been telling their own versions of the story, both claiming that the cabinet has made a decision.

When beef becomes pork

Such a compromising attitude may in the long run deplete our entire society of the urge to pursue and defend the truth.

Dealing with a looming financial crisis

The government must be adequately prepared to deal with a crisis that may strike anytime by reinforcing our own restorative ability and stability of the national economy.

Outdated mentality

No one can deny Mahathir's right to express himself, but he has to say the right things for the right occasion.

Making the final lap

Non-Chinese Malaysians have grown suspicious of UEC mainly because irresponsible politicians and organizations are spreading distorted information about it.

Eddin Khoo: UEC more of a perception issue

Eddin Khoo, chairman of the special committee on Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), said UEC recognition is a highly complicated perception and racial issue, not just a matter of administration and honoring an election pledge.



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