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US$20 annual budget to CHR a shameful decision

Philippines' Commission on Human Rights gets only P1,000 (US$20) in annual budget, down sharply from the P678 million originally proposed.

Manifesting the Malaysian spirit

Accommodativeness, diversity and unity are the core elements of Malaysia Day, the ammunition that prompts the nation forward.

Najib and Trump: something for everyone

The outline should be much clearer if we could see things from the strategic perspectives.

Rohingya crisis: a look into our preset attitudes

If we can't even think logically and continue to embrace our misguided preoccupations, there is no way we can see the end of the tunnel.

PPBM, one year on

To the Malays, throwing out Najib is never an issue close to their hearts, but bringing down Umno could very much contravene their own interests.

Being a developed nation

If we are a nation of happy and satisfied citizens, do we still need to become an economic power in the first place?

Civil servants and human rights are inseparable

Why is it important for the civil servants to understand the human rights?

Alarming trend

While more and more Indian students are taking Tamil, Chinese students are shunning their mother tongue.

The more the merrier

It is not a question of who's right or wrong but rather a matter of individual's choices.

The divisive factor

Mahathir's attitude is unambiguous: a complete break with PAS, one that is apparently different from Anwar's.


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