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Bailing out the national economy

Unfortunately politics is prevailing over economy at this moment, as rival parties are engrossed in attacking one another instead of working together to lift the country's economy.

Equal treatment for all

It is this bumiputra thing that tears the nation apart.

MRT deserves a big hand from us

MRT has been a successful project, and the government should be given a big applause for this accomplishment.

Healthy competition

It is hoped that Pakatan will be able to compete healthily with BN.

Moving the people

Malaysians are willing to leave their cars at home if public transport services and efficiency are improved to match their needs.

The art of power

The fact they are willing to set aside their differences to work together for a common goal is a big step forward for the opposition camp.

Alternatives to boosting childbirth

There are better ways of ensuring the future of Chinese community than encouraging people to have more children.

Trade's key in Asean-India ties

The next round of RCEP talks in India is a good occasion for New Delhi to make speedier economic integration with Southeast Asia.

PAS' human management lab

The horrifying fact is, they made the people of Kelantan their guinea pigs.

Persecution or godsend?

RoS' demand a persecution? To me it's more like a huge bonanza for DAP that comes completely effortless.


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