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Improved relationship with China

In promoting greater cooperation with China, the PH government is more concerned about the potential of such cooperation benefiting the people of Malaysia.

Fighting extremism with moderation

Extremism is the hotbed for terrorism to flourish, with hatred its principal nourishment.

Bandar Malaysia: then and now

The revised Bandar Malaysia project serves multiple purposes: revamp the supply chain, win back the trust of Beijing and mend the souring ties with Johor palace.

Decentralizing Malaysia’s education system

The next stage in Malaysia’s catching-up process requires that economic growth be knowledge-led and not just capital-led.

Inspiration from Joko's re-election

The Joko-Maruf win should serve as a stern warning to our Barisan Nasional not to go down the conservative religious path or risk losing the support of majority moderate voters.

Chinese votes PH's fixed deposit no more

The PH government believes that no matter how much it has failed the Chinese community, they will still support it loyally.

A stern message for PH

Mounting financial burden will only spawn more frustration. With PH now taking the helm, sure enough it has to answer to the people's needs and demands.

Mature approach in resolving a looming crisis

A constitutional crisis could ensue if the incident is allowed to drag on further.

Decentralization the best bet for Malaysia’s growth

Decentralization is the best bet for Malaysia’s growth.

On the fire line of constitutionality

Perhaps the uniqueness of Malaysia's constitutionality is that there has to be some sort of compromise from either side.



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