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Bike-sharing: Need for more comprehensive planning

The effective implementation of a bike-sharing program necessitates the presence of a comprehensive management system that should come into being through the concerted effort of stakeholders.

In the name of sanctity

Religious hypocrisy has no place in our pluralistic society.

They have politics written all over them

It's not sensitivity, security, rain or anything else. It's politics that tears our country apart.

Stop deepening the rift

Dividing the people along religious lines and wickedly protruding our differences will not do national unity a favor.

The Bank Negara RCI raises questions

What a shame they damage public trust in the noble institution of RCI in a blatant exhibition of hypocrisy.

Saving our marginalized youths

The problems of marginalized and underprivileged youths are highly intricate and must be dealt with macroscopically.

Not just the beer

We used to take so much pride in such tolerance. Unfortunately, this merit is slowly dying off now.

Promoting the development of Chinese education

Chinese schools constitute an integral part of the national education system and by right should get equal attention from the government.

Being kiasu

Throwing such a big party for someone out of mainstream politics for so long only serves to confirm one thing: Umno's kiasuism.

The PM's advisors

It seems so deluded and silly that one wonders if the PM has any advisors.


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