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No end in sight to Indira's plight

The ruling coalition is eager to please the conservatives, more so to cooperate with PAS, at the expense of the amendment bill apparently.

SEA Games: Keeping terrorists at bay

Not a single country can be spared from the threat of terrorism.

Reviewing the relevance of mandatory death penalty

Progressively withdrawing death penalty is a global trend we must come to terms with.

Degraded legislature

It's sad that the legislative assembly has been reduced to a circus for power wrestling

EIS moving into consultation phase

Some have suggested that the government should also share this burden with the employers and employees.

Putting people first?

If using such information for political purposes cannot constitute unlawful abuse, powerless people like us may just have to submissively swallow the injustice.

Will race-based politics end?

Race-based politics keeps the Malay community on a leash, forever depending on the tongkat and afraid to venture out and compete.

Bin Abdullah

It's a monumental event that entails the relative weights of the federal and Islamic laws.

Controversies over EIS

The unemployment issue is not that serious in this country and it is questionable whether such an enormous fund is required to help retrenched workers.

You and I are walking name cards

We are all resembling walking name cards and together we engage in "Malaysian task" and tell "a story of Malaysia".


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