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More sensible approach towards ICERD

Support for or opposition to ICERD has to be established upon the basis of facts, not individuals' guesses and presumptions.

The political freefall of Umno, PAS

Zahid's hypothesis of riot and Hadi Awang's argument that rejecting ICERD is a universal obligation of Muslims have sadly lowered the stature of their parties to a level unseen before.

A new era for PKR and the country

Anwar, the former DPM who witnessed the heyday of Umno and later became one of the dragonslayers that brought the party to its knees, knows better than anyone else what cause the downfall of a ruling party.

The story of a park

Can't we even keep a park in a city inundated with greed and lust? The duty of a minister and mayor is to safeguard the interest of the people, not to destroy it.

PKR and Malaysia's future political landscape

While this appears to be a wholly internal problem of PKR, it may have implications for the position of the PH government as well as the country's future political landscape.

Improve the competitiveness of Malaysia's palm oil industry

Malaysian palm oil operators must adopt new technologies to boost their productivity and efficiency while lowering their cost so that overall competitiveness could be lifted.

The PTPTN chairman's apology

The government must not "spoil" the students like how it did before, and no one should make this an issue any more.

Challenges for MCA's new leadership

MCA must decide which way it is headed to, and this includes a decision on its position in BN.

Who moved my cheese?

Stop blaming others like the two little people. Learn to solve the problem instead like the mice.

B40 biggest beneficiaries of Budget 2019

The government has introduced several measures to help lessen the financial burden of B40 in Budget 2019.



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