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Smog chokes coal-addicted Poland

The soupy grey smog shrouding Polish cities this winter is one of the most visible symptoms of the EU member's addiction to coal, a deadly habit forcing many to stay indoors or don masks before venturing out.

The guardians of school children's safety

"Every time I'm on duty, my child will give me her full moral support and feels proud of me."

CNY Parade

People performing the traditional dragon dance on Canal Street during the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown in New York City.

Hong Kong doll maker toys with Trump

A Hong Kong doll maker with a history of creating figurines of controversial world leaders has launched a replica of US President Donald Trump complete with replaceable heads and hands.

Pedal power revival as bike-share apps race for glory

Unlock them with an app, drop them off anywhere, and nip past lanes of stationary car traffic: the humble bicycle is seeing a revival in China as a new generation of start-ups help tackle urban congestion and pollution with fleets of brightly coloured two wheelers.

Art springs from ruins of Rome's industrial past

The ruins of a landmark industrial building in Rome have become home to a thought-provoking art project that casts an unflattering light on the capital's patchy record on urban regeneration.

Play about IS tackles Muslim teen radicalization

Two actors on a darkened stage, playing an erudite Muslim father and his beloved daughter who has left home to join the Islamic State jihadists, read the heartrending letters they have exchanged.

Land without history: Myanmar rediscovers its past

With the laying of a wreath at a faraway grave, the last king of Myanmar finally won public recognition after more than a century hidden from view by the country's former colonial masters and military junta.

Tall tale: gene variants can add 2cm to your height

Researchers on Wednesday unveiled 83 rare gene variants which exert a strong influence on human height, with some capable of adding or subtracting more than two centimetres (0.8 inches).

How drugs are used to woo voters in India's Punjab

Opium addict Rajendar usually has to beg, steal or borrow to get his fix but at election season in India's Punjab province, a packet is delivered to his home in a bid to win his vote.


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