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A Taylors Bulbs employee inspecting a crop of Spring Dawn daffodils on the company farm near Holbeach in eastern England.

My dog and I, til death do us part

Ralf Hendrichs was devastated when his Dobermann died. But he was even more distraught when he learnt that its carcass ended up in a public grinder along with those of roadkill and farm animals.

Icy surf

A surfer riding a wave in the icy waters of the Gulf of Finland in the village of Lipovo outside Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Lost and usually found at humanity's biggest gathering

Meghsingh Badouria, 75, was left freezing in his underpants after losing his clothes and his friends following a dip in the holy waters at humanity's biggest gathering, India's Kumbh Mela.


Thousands of Gray Cranes pictured at Agamon Hula Lake in the northern Israeli Hula Valley during the bird migration from Eastern Europe to Africa. Some 50,000 Gray Cranes stay at Agamon Hula Lake during the winter instead of migrating to Africa, taking advantage of the safety of the artificial water source.

Locust meal

A vendor holding bags filled with locusts sold as food at a market in Kuwait City.

'Paradise on Earth': Ghost of N.Korea propaganda still haunts

Harunori Kojima still remembers the hot tears of joy that warmed his face against the sleet as he watched two Soviet ships set sail in December 1959 from Japan's Niigata port.

Raging bull: smashing away anger at Indonesia's 'Temper Clinic'

Armed with crowbars and wearing protective gear, three women assembled at a Jakarta stress clinic survey the cluster of bottles they're about to smash to pieces.

Swedish teen leaves adults trailing with global school strikes for climate

"Strike for climate". With that simple plea, 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg has inspired children worldwide to boycott classes under the anxious gaze of adults who don't quite know how to react.

Sharks reel in fans in eastern Mediterranean winter waters

The wind was blowing, clouds blocked the sun and the sea was choppy and cold, but Hagai Mayer and his two friends didn't care. They wanted to see the sharks.



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