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High and dry: Pakistan's penchant for hash

Niaz Ali is a deeply religious man: He prays five times a day and visits the mosque as frequently as possible. But he also loves to smoke hashish -- lots of it.

Baby panda

6-month-old baby panda Xiang Xiang playing at its enclosure at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.


US trainer Alexander Lacey performing with a lion during the 40th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco.

Britain's iconic red phone boxes ring the changes

Facing extinction due to ubiquitous mobile phones, Britain's classic red telephone boxes are being saved from death row by ingenious conversions into all sorts of new uses.

Beauty in 3D: Taiwan filmmaker's vibrant vision

From the migration of purple butterflies to the crafting of bamboo steam baskets, Taiwan's leading 3D film director has spent a decade painstakingly capturing the island's beauty.

The new Berliners: wild boars thrive in German capital

They have coarse bristles, huge heads with tiny eyes and protruding tusks and, occasionally, a really bad temper.

Raving in Myanmar as EDM conquers Asia's frontiers

Lasers cut across the sea of ravers bouncing to the beat at '808 Festival Yangon', as Asia's $1 billion EDM money machine careers into Myanmar, whose youth are at last able to connect with their global peers.

Dogs shielding S.Africa's youth from township violence

When Thobani Gasa took his puppy for obedience training a few years ago it was just for fun. But soon his own behaviour started to change thanks to his canine companion.

Indonesia's asbestos 'time bomb'

The symptoms were mild and seemingly innocuous at first: mostly coughing and fatigue. But it wasn't long before Sriyono got a grim diagnosis -- he had asbestosis -- an incurable scarring of the lungs that often leads to cancer.

Diving Santa

A diver dressed in a Santa Claus costume feeding fish inside an aquarium at the Ocean Park in Manila.


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