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Isolation helps Brazil indigenous group defend way of life

As the diesel generator rumbles to life in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, teenagers scramble to charge their phones and watch music videos -- an ordinary pastime in an extraordinary setting.

In Baltimore, violins to combat violence

As the conductor raises her baton, dozens of children come to order, and their everyday cacophonous chatting gives way to a melodic cascade of notes.

China's island cities: Treasure or trouble for Asia?

A high-rise city the size of central London rising out of the ocean next to Sri Lanka's capital is laying down another marker for China's global infrastructure ambitions whose epic scope is sounding alarm bells in Asia and beyond.

Silent streets after dozens of children killed in Sri Lanka attacks

The streets of Sri Lanka's Katuwapitiya should be full of the sound of youngsters. But after deadly Easter attacks that killed at least 45 children, they have fallen silent.

Influencer invasion as Pakistan launches tourism push

They are young, Western, and full of praise for Pakistan: Travel influencers have moved in on the "land of the pure", but critics warn their rose-tinted filters are irresponsible and sell an inaccurate picture of the conservative, militancy-scarred country.

Animal hikes

People going for a walk with llamas and alpacas on a sunny day in Drantum, northern German. The "Herzog-Alpakas" farm offers photo shootings and wool products as well as hikes with these animals from Latin America.

Illegal logging in Brazil turns Amazon into a powder keg

A rifle resting on his shoulder, Tatji Arara looks despondent as he steps over the trunks of huge trees felled by timber traffickers in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rainforest, now the scene of numerous land conflicts.

Child monks

Children taking part in "Children Becoming Buddhist Monks" ceremony at Jogye Temple in Seoul, South Korea. Following the ceremony, the children will stay at the temple for two weeks to learn about Buddhism until Buddha's birthday on May 12.

Super bloom

People visiting the poppy fields at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, California, as a super bloom of wildflowers explodes across California's once-parched hills following a particularly wet winter.

Thailand marijuana festival has visitors on a high

A Buddhist monk fishes out a vial of cannabis oil from his robe and puts a drop under his tongue -- one of many people flocking to a weed festival in northeastern Thailand, where excitement is building over a medical marijuana boom.



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