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Members of Le Cirque du Soleil performing during the show "Totem" which is running in Paris until December 2.

Show me the money: Wealth-flaunting meme goes viral in China

Chinese social media users have seized on a viral meme in which people are pictured literally rolling in their own wealth, spawning a range of cheeky counter-posts poking fun at the country's nouveau riche.

Decades of war shatter Afghanistan's glassblowing craft

Hunched and shrivelled, Afghan glassblower Ghulam Sakhi deftly blows and twirls molten glass into delicate blue and green goblets and vases -- a craft passed down for generations but now at risk of dying out.

Buffaloes plough through annual Thai racing festival

Several hefty buffaloes thunder down a dirt track in eastern Thailand, kicking up dust as they are urged toward the finish line by whip-wielding jockeys perched on their backs.

'Himalayan Viagra' under threat from climate change

A prized caterpillar fungus that is more valuable than gold and is nicknamed "Himalayan Viagra" in Asia, where it is seen as a wonder drug, is becoming harder to find due to climate change, researchers said.

'Dinosaur country': fossil hunters' African paradise

The sun rises over the South African bush as scientists laden with backpacks climb a hillside.

In a London warehouse, the tools of Britain's soft power

In an unremarkable warehouse down a back alley in central London, thousands of paintings, prints and drawings are lined up in racks, awaiting distribution around the world in a British display of "soft power".

Catrinas Parade

Revellers taking part in the Catrinas Parade in Mexico City to celebrate the Day of the Dead highlighting the character of La Catrina created by cartoonist Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Dame de Coeur

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris during "Dame de Coeur" light show as part of the First World War centennial celebrations.

Art installation

The installation "Grapes" by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei during his exhibition "Ai Weiwei Root" in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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