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Hole is where the heart is for Chinese cave dwellers

High in the misty hills of southwestern China, an hour's hike from any road, the lowing of livestock echoes through Zhongdong village, where a group of 18 families live inside an enormous natural cave.

Dog show

A Lhasa Apso at the Westminster Kennel Club's 141st Annual Dog Show in New York.

Full bloom

Rape blossoms in full bloom in front of Mount Fuji at Azumayama Park outside Tokyo. Photo courtesy: AFP

Chocolate spa

Visitors bathing in a "chocolate spa" at the Hakone Yunessun spa resort facilities in Japan. The annual month-long event will run until February 28 for Valentine's Day celebrations.

Valentine's in Syria

Shops in the old part of Damascus, Syria, stocking up and displaying gifts for Valentine's Day.

Children learn patriotic spirit at "Red Army school"

In powder blue and gray military uniforms, red kerchiefs, and caps emblazoned with crimson stars, young Chinese students in the southwestern province of Guizhou perform kung fu exercises in their courtyard to stave off the winter cold.

Venice Carnival

The masquerade parade on Gran Canal during Venice Carnival in Venice, Italy.

Street food mushrooms as crisis grows in DR Congo

In crisis-hit Democratic Republic of Congo, people in the capital increasingly turn to street hawkers to feed themselves and their families cheaply, but the makeshift option is often not a hygienic one.

Taiwan lantern makers go green for festival of lights

As Taiwan lights up for the start of its annual lantern festival this weekend, one eco-friendly craftsman is breaking with tradition.

Pet fashion show

ZZ, representing Russia at the 14th annual New York Pet Fashion Show presented by TropiClean at Hotel Pennsylvania.


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