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Master of miniature food art

"I only need to take one look at the food to know how to mix the colors, such as what kind of red for the gravy."

In smartphone age, the hajj is for sharing

Arm outstretched, Abdul Rahman sweeps his mobile phone across the vista of Mecca, the Great Mosque dazzling in the sun, so his son in Tanzania can experience the pilgrimage to Islam's holiest sites.

Organic fruit garden in Batang Berjuntai

The fruit garden used to be the private playground of Amy Lew and her husband before it was opened to visitors this May.

Man Who Brings The Light lifts Romania's poor out of darkness

It is late, but Nicoleta Monea and her children cannot sleep. This is the last night the family will spend without electricity, thanks to "The Man Who Brings The Light".

Gourmet grub: Thai fine-diners explore insect cuisine

At a hip Bangkok diner, foodies with an adventurous palate tuck into a bug-based menu that includes watermelon salad sprinkled in bamboo worms, nachos with silkworm cherry tomato salsa and pasta made from ground crickets.

The rich biodiversity of Belum state park

Covered by virgin forests at an altitude of 1,500 feet above the sea level, the Royal Belum State Park in northeastern Perak boasts a complete ecosystem with its immeasurable wealth of flora and fauna.

Pet-friendly China acupuncturist gets tails wagging again

Looking like a furry brown pincushion, eight-month-old French bulldog "Dan Jiao" whimpers nervously as he waits for the end of a Chinese acupuncture session aimed at curing partial paralysis caused by a puppyhood injury.

Cyclones and climate change: connecting the dots

Scientists freely acknowledge they don't know everything about how global warming affects hurricanes like the one pummelling southeast Texas.

Face scans, robot baggage handlers: airports of the future

Passengers' baggage is collected by robots, they relax in a luxurious waiting area complete with an indoor garden before getting a face scan and swiftly passing through security and immigration -- this could be the airport of the future.

Today 60 years ago

It was a BIG day, the day everyone had been dreaming of for months and years.


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