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Geese fight

A traditional geese fight at the village of Kalikino some 450km from Moscow, Russia.

Migrating butterflies

Some of the about a billion Painted Lady Butterflies swarming the skies of southern California during their migration north from Mexico, feed on arugula flowers in Glendale, California.

'Bar truck' brings a bit of life back to French villages

The traditional French cafe where people of all stripes have customarily met is becoming a rare sight in many villages, but a man with a van -- and a liquor licence -- is making the rounds to help revive rural socialising.

Fast cars, polo and parties: Thai 'High Society' flourishes in unequal kingdom

It's polo season in Thailand and teams of jodhpur-clad Argentines and monied Asians gallop onto the flawless field, as spectators spill from a pavilion -- glasses of champagne in hand -- for the final chukka.

The Vessel

"The Vessel", a large public art sculpture made up of 155 flights of stairs at the US$16 billion Hudson Yards development in New York City, the largest private real estate development in the US.

Power of the Sun

Solar panels at Cerro Dominador, the first thermosolar power plant in Latin America in Antofagasta, Chile.

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain, a hillside covered with biblical messages and symbols built over a period of 30 years by Vermont artist Leonard Knight in Slab City, California, about 80km north of the Mexican border.

Ancient Aleppo souk poised to regain its bustle

On the domed roof of a historical market in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, architect Bassel al-Daher moves between workers painstakingly working to erase the scars of war.

Will artificial intelligence be the future of music?

They may never be able to fill a stadium for a rock concert, but computers are making inroads in the music industry, capable of producing songs -- and convincingly so -- as illustrated at the South by Southwest festival in Texas.


Aerial photo showing Kaws Holiday Companion inflatable sculpture by US artist Brian Donnelly, known professionally as Kaws, at a shipyard in Hong Kong. The 37-meter-long sculpture will be docked in Victoria Harbour from March 22 to 31 as part of Hong Kong Arts Month.



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