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Could the fabled Orient Express take to the rails again?

It conjures up the atmosphere of rail travel from a bygone golden age, steaming through Europe experiencing top-notch cuisine and the company of fellow passengers who could be writers or spies.


A worker preparing the dining tables as a diver cleans the outside of a viewing window of Under, a restaurant semi-submerged beneath the waters of North Sea in Lindesnes about 400 km southwest of Oslo. Stretching 5 meters underwater, the architectural showpiece was designed by Norwegian firm Snohetta, known for its celebrated works such as the Oslo Opera and the 9/11 Memorial Pavilion in New York City.

'Angry glances in the street': how Paris met Pei’s Louvre pyramid

The modernist architect I. M. Pei, who has died aged 102, was once pilloried for plonking a glass pyramid into the courtyard of the Louvre, but his controversial creation is now a landmark of the French capital.

Art and politics

Visitors looking at a wallpaper installation titled "The animal that looks like a llama but is really an alpaca" by Chinese contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei during the exhibition "Everything is art. Everything is politics" at K20 and K21 contemporary art museums in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Salt ponds

The Maras salt evaporation ponds about 48 km northeast of Cusco, Peru, have been in use since pre-Inca times and are one of the tourist attractions in the Cusco area.

From mother to daughter, Tunisia potters pass on ancestral know-how

With bucket and spade in hand, Sabiha Ayari from Sejnane in northern Tunisia is among the women keeping alive an ancient tradition of creating pottery with all-natural materials.


Some of the 130 textile and ceramic archaeological pieces belonging to the Moche, Chimu, Nazca, Chancay, Huari, Vicus, Inca and other cultures on display at the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Lima after being repatriated from the US and Argentina.


Buddhist monks praying for peace at Tam Chuc Pagoda in northern Vietnam's Ha Nam province ahead of Wesak Day celebrations.

Capsule hotel

Pods at Optimi Rooms, Spain's first capsule hotel in the city of Bilbao.

Masters of puppets: Indonesia's 'Ondel-Ondel' kids

Peeking through a slit in her giant puppet costume, Indonesian teen Juniarti is drenched in sweat as she moves stiffly under the blistering sun.



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