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Employees of Confluences Museum in Lyon, France, hoisting the restored skeleton of a whale ahead of its public exhibition.

No quiet rules at Indonesia's flyover library

Singing and laughter briefly drown out the roar of cars under a Jakarta flyover, where an unlikely library for kids is thriving despite choking fumes -- and opposition from menacing gangsters.

Super bloom

Visitors flock the hills surrounding Diamond Valley Lake southeast of Los Angeles, California, to experience the unusual explosion of colorful wildflowers during the current "super bloom".

Asian orchids

A pamphiopedilum orchid on display during the "Orchids of Asia" exhibition at the Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture in Budapest.

Easter eggs

Egg-shaped structures on display at the Baroque Castle park as part of the Easter decorations in Ludwigsburg, southern Germany.


Victorian organ pipes removed from York Minster's Grand Organ for repair and restoration at Harrison and Harrison Organ Builder workshop in Durham, northern England.

The scent of soap making returns to Aleppo

After years of war, the scent of laurel oil once again wafts from a small soap workshop in Aleppo, signalling the revival of a landmark trade in the battered northern city.

Sacred turtle embalmed in Hanoi

A sacred giant turtle that died in Hanoi's storied Hoan Kiem lake has been given a new lease on life by city authorities who have embalmed the beloved creature for posterity -- and tourist visits.

Back to the future: cassettes launch comeback tour

The humble cassette -- that tiny little plastic rectangle containing the homemade mixtapes of yesteryear -- is back, joining vinyl as a darling of audiophiles who miss side A and side B.

KAWS Companion

KAWS:HOLIDAY Companion, an inflatable 37-meter-long sculpture by US artist and designer Brian Donnelly, known professionally as Kaws, being towed through Victoria Harbour ahead of the exhibition's opening in Hong Kong.



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