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Flight school

Colorful macaws inside the "flight school" aviary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the animals recovered from illegal trade learn to adapt to life in nature again.

Indon maids in HK lured by IS recruiters: report

Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong are being radicalised by extremists from the Islamic State group, a security think-tank said in a report Wednesday.

The beauty of Perlis through the lens of Danny Leong

Welcome to Perlis, the land of unimaginable endless surprises.

Fire, smoke and metal at North Korea steel plant

A crane moves a giant bucket brimming with 40 tonnes of molten steel towards a gangway in North Korea's Chollima Steel Complex. Flames, smoke and a shower of sparks erupt as a worker thrusts his temperature gauge into the liquid, its tip glowing white-hot as he withdraws it.

Kuantan's Antique Gang

A group of die-hard young antique collectors in Kuantan have decided to display their collectibles at a traditional Malay-style stilt house which they call the "Classical House of Kuantan".

Cultivating good behavior

Children can learn very early in life about rewards and punishment and they also can be taught acceptable and non-acceptable behavior. The earlier we teach them, the less pain and embarrassment they are likely to cause us as parents and themselves as persons.

New lease of life for former mining town

A former tin mining town, Sungai Lembing offers a wide range of attractions that will please even the most demanding visitors.

Producing snakeskin for the world

Despite the fact Malaysia produces some of the best snakeskin in the world, no local businesses have attempted to venture into downstream manufacturing.

A glimpse into 1920s Kuantan

Chuah has decided to donate over a hundred pieces of pre-war woodwork tools to the local museum in hope of giving the public a glimpse into life in early 20th century.

In Mongolia's yurt slums, nomads dream of city life

On the steep hills encircling Mongolia's capital, skyscrapers and apartments give way to ramshackle bungalows and tattered yurts, in rickety fenced enclosures with no running water.


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