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Cleaning up the 'sacred lake': locals tackle Titicaca pollution

Under a blazing sun on the arid banks of Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes Mountains, around a dozen indigenous women work tirelessly to collect cans, bottles and plastic bags.

In war-torn Syria, 'cat man' starts rare animal clinic

At an unlikely cat shelter in rebel-held northern Syria, Mohammed Alaa al-Jaleel gently holds a feline patient on her back as an ultrasound probe is rolled across her pregnant belly.

Delhi slum drowning in plastic as Environment Day focuses on India

A sea of plastic spreads through the New Delhi slum of Taimur Nagar, a symbol of the grime and waste that makes the Indian capital one of the world's most polluted cities.

Sweet noodles

A worker arranging strands of vermicelli noodles for drying at a factory on the outskirts of Chennai, India. Sheer khurma, a sweet dish prepared with vermicelli noodles, is eaten during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Greece wages losing battle against Albanian herb raiders

After seeing its best minds lured to greener pastures during eight years of economic crisis, Greece is now waging an uphill battle to keep its aromatic plants from being plundered too.

Long-haul fight: Japan farmers battle Narita airport

You can't choose your neighbours, as Japanese organic farmer Takao Shito knows all too well after a decades-long battle against Narita -- the country's second busiest airport.

Everest marathon

Runners taking part in the world's highest marathon in the foothills of Mount Everest in Nepal.

A city like no other: hopes on hold for model Indian capital

It promised to be "an Indian city like no other" -- a modern, leafy metropolis modelled on Singapore, where citizens would enjoy parks and rivers and breath air unrivalled in freshness.

Europe's largest wooden building awaits salvation off Istanbul

Looking up at the giant wooden edifice looming over him, Erol Baytas shakes his head.


Tucked away in winding alleys, nestled under new condominium developments or sandwiched between street food stalls and shops, Ho Chi Minh City's "micro house" dwellings are occupied by families clinging to postage stamp sized plots as Vietnam's bustling southern hub is developing at breakneck pace.


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