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Wonderland Villas: A tale of Hong Kong's property rollercoaster

Red-whiskered bulbuls start chirping around 5:00 am at Wonderland Villas, a hilltop complex in leafy northern Hong Kong whose own history charts the city's political, economic and social fortunes.

Austria's fantastical factory of 'raw art'

Nestled in the hills of Austria sits Gugging, an artists' colony with a difference where the worlds of psychiatry and art collide -- with spectacular success.

The art of everyday objects growing like mushrooms

What is nicer after a long day than sinking your feet into comfortable slippers? But one Italian designer is hoping to show that shoes made from mushrooms can be just as cosy.

Ageing Japan faces healthcare crisis

Kanemasa Ito compares caring for his wife Kimiko to waging a daily war with the devil. The woman he loved has all but disappeared -- lost to dementia, she can no longer eat, bathe, or go to the toilet alone.

High-end luxury homes all the rage in Miami

Property developer Gil Dezer owns 29 cars. And he plans to admire some of them from his couch in a swank Miami high-rise building, with the ocean in the background.

'Dinosaur' Philippine jeepneys face uncertain future

Peter Dallos shouts above the rumble of his smoke-belching engine urging passengers to clamber quickly on to his dilapidated red jeepney.

Rainbow village

An Indonesian hamlet dubbed the "rainbow village" in Semarang, Central Java, that has become an internet sensation attracting hordes of visitors. The hillside village of about 200 modest homes used to be filthy and gloomy, but was given an extreme makeover by the local residents.

Generation homeless: trying to help Egypt's street kids

Barefoot and wearing shabby clothes, the two-year-old wanders through the dirty streets of Cairo alongside her mother, who has also spent all her life without a home of her own.

Cultivating respect

Showing respect towards elders is a much valued virtue in our society.

Playing host to world travelers

Sojourn today plays host to travelers from across the world descending on the northern Perak town for its legendary Maxwell Hill, Taiping Lake, colonial buildings, quaint old streets and clanhouses.


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