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Thai Muslim family keeps silk weaving heritage alive

Over the click-clack of the teak loom, Niphon's family laments the lack of apprentice weavers at his Bangkok silk shop, as modernity lures young Muslims away from a trade their community has dominated for generations.

New York takes aim at skyscrapers' sky-high energy usage

It's a tall order indeed: How do you make aging, energy-hungry skyscrapers more efficient and less polluting? The city of New York, the historic capital of the skyscraper, is determined to do so by requiring the enormous buildings to drastically curtail their energy consumption.

Drowning in waste, Russians fume over lack of recycling

Roman Yudakov points in the distance to a stinking mountain of trash looming over the Russian capital and sighs: "Take a look at our pyramid!"

Going home

Bangladeshis cramming onto a train as they travel back home to their families ahead of Eid al-Fitr.

Life lessons for S. Korea's octogenarian school pupils

When the tune of "Twinkle twinkle little star" plays in her South Korean classroom octogenarian pupil Nam Yang-soon sings along with classmates more than 70 years her junior.

Mobile barber cuts a dash with Afro-Caribbean Londoners

In a quiet street in south London's trendy Brixton district, known for its ethnic diversity, 25-year-old Kristian Robertson parks his trailblazing mobile salon.

Choir helps Rio's homeless sing a different tune

For years, Edson Santos has slept in an abandoned taxi or on church steps in Rio de Janeiro. Now the 58-year-old is trying to sing a different tune in a choir for the homeless.

Floating sweatshops: Is the fish you eat caught by 'slaves'?

Enslaved, beaten, malnourished, and so desperate for water he had to collect condensation to drink: Rahmatullah left Indonesia seeking better prospects at sea -- instead he endured a living hell.

Storytelling, games make Iraq comeback on Ramadan nights

"Once upon a time" tales and folksy games from the pre-television days are making a comeback in Iraq during the long nights of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Moscow 8: the N. Korean filmmakers who defied Pyongyang

As the Korean War raged eight of Pyongyang's young heroes -- all members of the North's new elite, destined for a life of privilege and power -- left for Moscow to study at a prestigious film school. They never returned.



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