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India fights to save its desert heritage havelis

The resplendent mansions of Bikaner once hosted royalty and wealthy merchants passing through India's deserts with their caravans, but centuries later these bygone architectural masterpieces are crumbling.

Differing approach to discipline

Sometimes my husband and I disagree on our discipline and argue in front of our children about what is best. Do you think this is damaging?

In Aleppo, the fate of a legendary hotel hangs in balance

For generations her husband's family managed the iconic Baron Hotel in northern Syria, but after years of war the inn is empty and Rubina Mazloumian says she is too tired to carry on.

Welcome to the tropical prison that some don't want to leave

More than a century after Mexico established a prison on the Maria Islands -- a Pacific archipelago eight hours by boat from the mainland -- the country's new government has decided to close it.

Straw sculptures

A King Kong sculpture made out of straw in the northern Thai province of Chiang Mai. Photo courtesy: AFP

Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for hardworking Japanese

For the Emperor's abdication on April 30, Japanese workers will enjoy an unprecedented 10-day holiday as a rash of special days off combine with the traditional "Golden Week" in May.

Sudanese cartoonist reaching out to the world

From his self-imposed exile in Denmark, political cartoonist Khalid Albaih sees himself as an "ambassador" for his native Sudan, with biting sketches that aim to unify rather than alienate.


4-month-old polar bear cub Hertha playing with a ball after she was given her name at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin.

Downtown Cairo battles to keep cosmopolitan heritage alive

Cairo's downtown, with its old European-designed buildings, is wrestling to preserve its cultural heritage as Egypt readies a new capital in the desert.


Forsythia blossom on a hillside in Seoul.



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