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Japan dreams of jackpot with legal casinos

At a casino school in Tokyo, croupier-in-training Takuto Saito settles behind a green table and reaches for the roulette wheel, addressing a group of imaginary punters: "Spin up. Place your bets."

Chinese parents-to-be seek more fertile ground abroad

The easing of China's one-child policy was a godsend to Zhang Yinzhe and his wife Xu Mengsha, who had decided they wanted to use in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to freeze an embryo in the hope of one day having a second child.

Paddy art

Image of a "thousand-hand Bodhisattva" created using different varieties of rice in a paddy field in Shenyang in China's northeastern Liaoning province.

Sacred snappers: The village where crocodiles are welcome

Crocodiles may be one of the deadliest hunters in the animal kingdom, but in a small village in Burkina Faso it is not unusual to see someone sitting atop one of the fearsome reptiles.

Dragon boat race

Contestants rowing a dragon boat during the Dragon Boat Festival in Guilin in China's southern Guangxi province.

Montevideo: no longer the 'forgotten capital' of tango?

Every night, 69-year-old Edinson chooses one of his 11 pairs of dance shoes, slips into a smart suit and heads out to dance tango in the clubs of Montevideo, a city that is looking to breathe new life into an old tradition, one that has long been eclipsed by its more famous neighbor, Buenos Aires.

How Afghanistan's urban gardens are changing women's lives

It may look like they're just planting and weeding, but for the women tending the public gardens of Jalalabad, the tasks represent far more: the rare chance to work outside the home in one of Afghanistan's most conservative and unstable provinces.

China's transgenders 'step forward' from the shadows

Lan spent years trapped between two identities: the male gender assigned to her at birth and the woman she was inside -- a living "torture" in a China not yet ready to fully embrace transgenders.

World Cup colors

A passenger waiting for a trolleybus painted with the designs of 2018 World Cup in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg.

In Gaza, unpaid government salaries dampen Eid joy

Hani al-Laham sits down to a family dinner after a long day of fasting, but he has little to celebrate as the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approaches.


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