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French artist is entombed in rock for a week

A French artist was entombed Wednesday inside a 12-tonne boulder for a week, saying: "I think I can take it."

Mumbai's original inhabitants fear world's tallest statue

A fitting tribute to a local legend or a grotesque misuse of money? The decision to build the world's tallest statue just off Mumbai's coast has divided the city.

Women's life expectancy on track to hit 90 in some nations

By 2030 life expectancy for South Korean women could top nine decades, an average lifespan long thought to be out of reach, researchers said Wednesday.

A boost for Nollywood with 'The Wedding Party' success

Nollywood film "The Wedding Party" has shown Nigerian cinema at the top of its game, with its success at the box office taking it to new audiences across Africa and the world.

Marriage, sex, and being LGBT in Pakistan

Pakistan's transgender community, known as "khawajasiras" or "hijras", are now fighting for change.


Japanese men stepping in a fountain to be purified during the annual Naked Man Festival or 'Hadaka Matsuri' at Saidaiji Temple in Okayama, western Japan.

Born killers: French army grooms eagles to down drones

Faced with the risk of drones being used to snoop or carry out attacks on French soil, the air force is showing its claws.

Weaning off oil, Scottish islands eye renewable future

Strong winds and stormy seas have helped turn the Shetland Islands in the North Atlantic into a European renewable energy giant, producing more power than it knows what to do with.

Balloon, camera, action: mapping a Palestinian camp in Lebanon

Equipped with an inexpensive camera and a big red balloon, Firas Ismail -- a 20-year-old Palestinian refugee in southern Lebanon -- is not your typical urban planner.

Desert wetland

Pink flamingos at the Ras al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai's only desert wetland occupying some 6.2 sq km on the banks of Dubai Creek.


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