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Who moved my cheese?

  • Stop blaming others like the two little people. Learn to solve the problem instead like the mice.

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Cheese #1

Pakatan Harapan has reneged on its PTPTN pledge, unable to allow those earning less than RM4,000 a month to defer their loan repayment.

Finance minister Lim Guan Eng said Jho Low is to blame for this.

"If Jho Low had not taken away RM50 billion, it definitely can be done."

So, any problem is Jho Low's problem!

This answer appears to have oversimplified the issue, and this kind of attitude cannot help the nation resolve the many problems it faces.

I'm not implying that Jho Low is innocent. Like everyone else, I believe he stole huge sums of money from the country. I hope he will be arrested and brought to justice.

But, they are two different things. The PH government cannot blame all its problems on Jho Low, or Najib.

Remember Who Moved My Cheese?

Two mice and two little people were living in a maze. They found one big chunk of cheese and were enjoying it very much.

But after some time, they discovered suddenly that someone moved the cheese!

The mice quickly moved on to look for new cheese, while the two little people stayed put, grumbling that someone had stolen their bounty.

Very soon the mice found a new cheese and the little people, unwilling to venture afield, almost died of hunger.

Now back to PTPTN. The real problem does not lie with Jho Low, but the attitude of borrowers and government policy.

Because of default, old money cannot be recovered and new loans cannot be disbursed. It's like a giant black hole where the government will keep dropping cash into the unfillable hole.

PM Mahathir said PTPTN arrears were higher than 1MDB's debts.

PH in its election manifesto promised to defer the loan repayment of PTPTN borrowers earning less than RM4,000 a month. This promise has indirectly encouraged people not to pay back their dues.

Earlier publicity by some PH leaders claiming that PTPTN debts would be struck off has further emboldened such "care-not" attitude, thinking that they don't have to pay back their loans if PH becomes the government.

This kind of populist politics has spawned gross irresponsibility.

PTPTN is an unsustainable operation. Even if the government eventually manages to get Jho Low and get back the money from him, it will not be able to sustain chronic drain of government funds.

Stop blaming others like the two little people. Learn to solve the problem instead like the mice.

Cheese #2

The 2019 Budget has made RM12 million allocation for independent Chinese high schools, much to the joy of the local Chinese community.

As for UTAR, only RM5.5 million has been set aside, vis-à-vis RM30-60 million during BN's time.

Has someone moved the cheese?

Someone explained that RM5.5 million is only for development purposes and the government has yet to announce the rest of operating allocations.

I hope Lim Guan Eng can say something and tell us clearly how much exactly for UTAR.

Indeed UTAR was founded by MCA, but its students do not have to hail from MCA families. Nor are they required to pledge loyalty to the party.

The students it trains will become an asset to the Chinese community and nation. For children from less well off families, affordable UTAR is their only bet for further education.

In no way should UTAR be politicized and become a victim of Malaysia's regime change.

Moreover, we all know that UTAR's students and lecturers are predominantly PH supporters.

Please, don't move the cheese of Chinese community and this country!



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