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Say no to crossovers

  • One way to prove you're different is by turning away the frogs because during their days, BN loved frogs.

By Mohsin Abdullah

I am repeating here what many Malaysians are saying, because I agree with my fellow countrymen that Pakatan Harapan should not accept or should not have accepted elected representatives from BN or independents crossing over to join the ruling coalition.

Ok, except for Batu independent MP P.Prabakaran because he has right from the beginning stated his loyalty to PKR/PH and intention to join the coalition, and he was backed by the coalition in GE14 as a replacement for Tian Chua, who was barred from contesting.

At the time of writing, he is said to be about to announce his PKR membership in a "thanksgiving" ceremony in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Not accepting crossovers is not about vendetta or vengeance. It is about principle.

Remember the Perak crisis in 2009? How three elected Pakatan Rakyat state legislators defected, causing the PR-led Perak government to collapse, and BN "conveniently" stepped in to be government?

Remember the hue and cry by not only PR but also the people and the many accusations thrown at the three legislators whom many angrily called "frogs"?

We all know what the accusations were. So there is no need for it to be repeated here.

So now we have a situation where Pakatan Harapan already getting the mandate of the people to rule or administer Malaysia. And now we have BN legislators (being the minority) wanting or already crossing over to be part of the Pakatan Harapan backbenchers.

Never mind if Pakatan Harapan did not entice or invite them to come over. And that they came on their own free will. The point is, Pakatan Harapan should show them the no entry sign.

Pakatan Harapan does not need the extras as they already have the numbers in the Parliament. Perhaps it has something to do with boosting certain parties within the ruling coalition. Please, the Malaysian people do not need that.

If the defectors had said they now professed or subscribed to the values and principle of Pakatan Harapan, shouldn't Pakatan Harapan ask why now?

And why had they stood against Pakatan Harapan in the just concluded election in the first place?

The defectors on their part should stay put. Stick to being yourselves. Do not betray the people who have voted for you.

Now that BN is the opposition, you must play the role of being the opposition. Do it well. Be a good opposition to provide checks and balances for the good of the country.

I'm going to ignore what you said about wanting to be able to serve the constituents better. You can serve the people and the country without being part of the government.

And with the reforms Pakatan Harapan are working put in place, like freedom of expression, free media, doing away with lots of restrictions, level playing field, the opposition would have it quite easy to perform.

At least they won't be hampered or go through the hardship Pakatan Harapan had to endure when it was the opposition during BN's rule.

As for Pakatan Harapan, do not forget the rakyat voted for you as they had high hopes that you would provide good governance, and a clean and efficient administration with integrity. So, do not let them down.

The rakyat do not want a BN clone. They believe you are different form Barisan Nasional.

One way to prove you're different is by turning away the frogs because during their days, BN loved frogs.

(Mohsin Abdullah is a veteran journalist who writes about this, that and everything else.)



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