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Let's celebrate change with gratitude and new hope

  • We hope you all learn humbly from past errors and help give us a better Malaysia that is more united, progressive, prosperous and blessed.

By Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam

We all thank the Almighty for the glorious GE14 and the blessed results.

The Barisan National government ruled us for 61 years and did us proud initially and the early years.

But then it declined in its contribution to nation-building in recent years. Like selfish shepherds, they slowly failed to look after the sheep, but gradually cared more and more for themselves increasingly exclusively.

Hence we mostly worked together, as patriotic Malaysians, to change our shepherds and leaders. Finally and shockingly, the wonderful will of the people prevailed and courageously overthrew the government peacefully.

The reward to us and our beloved Malaysia is that the Rakyat has triumphed and won GE14, and we thank God for the victory!

We have changed the BN government to the Pakatan Harapan government under our new Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was previously our PM for 22 years.

15 years ago! This is historic and perhaps unprecedented, even worldwide, especially since Tun Dr Mahathir is now the oldest and most resilient leader in the world.

Euphoric change (ubah) and a tribute to us all!

This ubah is in itself after 61 long years on BN rule a great reason for us to be euphoric and to widely celebrate this change. Most Malaysians have been joyful over the generally unexpected grand, gratifying and great results.

While we want to be gracious in our farewell to former PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and former BN leaders, we want especially to enthusiastically and warmly welcome, congratulate and embrace our new Pakatan Harapan leaders all over the country.

Malaysia's dramatic and drastic change in government at the federal level and also in so many state governments, with security and stability and so smoothly, is a source of great pride and gratitude as well.

It's also a tribute to the deep sense of unity, loyalty, harmony and strong religious and moral values of all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or geography! Congratulations are due therefore to all Malaysians who fought for justice, fairness and nationalism!

New hope for a New MALAYSIA with national tsunami!

This huge change or national tsunami, has been brought about by the rejection of the weaknesses and some of the immoral conduct and scandals of many of our previous leaders.

Our collective hope is that the wrongs will be put right by the new government, Malaysian money that has been illegally taken away from Malaysians must be returned to all Malaysians soon.

Indeed, we cannot afford to repeat our past mistakes of unfairness to our Rakyat.

There must be more policies, based on the Rakyat's basic needs and human rights and the 17 UN sustainable goals, in the way ahead!

We must ensure that our future planning and implementation and all our national institutions adhere more closely to our sacred Constitution, both in word and especially in the spirit of our Constitution and our founding fathers.

It's the very deviation and defiance of many of our constitutional rights that created the tsunami of resentment against the government that had built up over recent times.

These undercurrents of resentment and a sense of frustration and even hopelessness arose from the gradual decay and decline due to inter alia cronyism, corruption, wastage of public funds, inefficiencies and the consequent high costs of living, polarization and widening income inequality!

The first hundred days after the GE14 must therefore address the above issues and weaknesses that in one way or another eroded public confidence in the previous government.

Hence, we look forward to the new government under our new PM and new Menteri Besars or Chief Ministers, to bring about the change, to initiate and to realize real structural change in the leadership, style, policies, practices and governance for the betterment of our beloved Malaysia.

The Malaysian people have given Malaysia a new mandate, a new federal government, many new state governments and many new leaders. We have done our part and our best as loyal and patriotic Malaysians.

Now we the people, including the 1.6 million civil servants and their families, can sincerely pledge our full and unstinted support, dedication and commitment to serve God, King, country and the people, with greater zeal and patriotism!

With this national and public pledge of support to the new leaders, we the Rakyat hope and pray that you will justify our simple faith and trust in you, our new leaders!

Please don't repeat past mistakes. Instead, we hope you all learn humbly from past errors and help give us a better Malaysia that is more united, progressive, prosperous and blessed.

So, let's celebrate this God-given victory of GE14 and may God bless all of us in our energetic endeavors to make our beloved and beautiful Malaysia an even greater country in the future!

(Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam is the Chairman of ASLI Center for Public Policy Studies.)



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