Little bricks that build the family together

Lego has become a bridge that brings Erman's family together. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily) -- Existent for over half a century, Lego remains a hit among many kids and adults today, and in places like Malaysia, there are even Lego theme parks where visitors can immerse themselves in the endless fun of Lego bricks.

"After I started working, I began to collect all kinds of toys, but after I bumped into Lego again, I discovered that I had been buying toys for the sake of buying and keeping.

"Lego is different. I need to unpack it, and put all the color bricks together to build into something.

"The best thing about it is that I am a part of the game," said die-hard Lego fan Erman Abdul Razak.

Cohesive force

Erman said he later joined the Lego User Group of Malaysia, and has since exercised his creativity to put the building blocks together into some unique models.

"Your imagination is the limit! The most wonderful thing is, you can extend your creativity to construct anything.

"For example, my son loves Pokemon, and I would encourage him to use the bricks to construct a Pokemon model."

Another reason Erman has given himself to Lego again after a lapse of so many years is that Lego can bring him and his children together as he searches for something they can enjoy together.

"Most importantly this is something we all can play together, and it helps train the kids' coordination skills and creativity."

Healing tool

To him, Lego is also a healing tool.

As architect, Erman feels that Lego is a perfect channel to release his stress and tension from the heavy daily workload.

"We need to find a pastime outside of our work to relax and remind us of the many good things in life.

"And when we have a family, we need to find something that can bring the whole family together," Erman concluded.

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