Staying active at 60

Practicing for at least two hours a day to keep up with the standard and health. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SERDANG (Sin Chew Daily) -- Many at the age of 60 will try to move their muscles as little as possible, not Yuan, the Serdang Baru Sports Club chairman.

Table tennis can be mastered through continuous practice, exerting the right amount of energy at the right posture.

Born and raised in the new village, Yuan started playing table tennis at 15, and had not engaged in the sport since he left school for work until he discovered a need to re-energize his increasingly clumsy body at the age of 54.

"I discovered that I was no longer that agile as I used to be. So I started to play table tennis again. I find myself loving this sport more and more and am getting obviously healthier now."

At 60 today, the semi-retired Yuan still insists to play table tennis for at least two hours a day.

He says sweating out and exchanging ideas on table tennis techniques with like-minded friends is a great thing he enjoys tremendously.

"Age is not a problem. While we may not excel in the sport, at least it is a good exercise!"

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