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Put RM30 million to better use, please

  • Instead of taking stern actions on these illegal street racers, our government has opted to condone their dangerous acts, culminating now in a wasteful RM30 million race circuit.

Sin Chew Daily

Young men and women in love will do everything they can to show their passion on Valentine's Day, and to select the right gift for that special belle has become a perpetual headache for many a young man.

Many will tend to give anything that pleases the partner, and this seems to be an undebatable recipe of success for a great relationship, although lack of good communication may not assure a lasting romance despite an all-out effort to please.

The same principle applies to our day-to-day interpersonal relationships. If we blindly please someone without taking into consideration the possible consequences, we will only bring more harm than good to our own self as well as the society.

PM Najib has approved a RM30 million allocation to build a race circuit for youths in Sungai Petani, Kedah, so that the Mat Rempits can indulge themselves in their favorite pastime. Apparently the PM has tried all he can to please the street racers in the state.

It is not wrong for the federal government to introduce people-friendly measures to secure the support of voters, but at a time when the national economy is hard pressed and the treasury running dry, spending RM30 million just to please a small group of young people can hardly be justified.

Illegal street racing has given rise to a whole string of social problems, Many of the racers would resort to highly dangerous stunts to steal the attention of onlookers in an attempt to satisfy their own quest for ultimate excitement, often jeopardizing other people with their selfish antics.

Majority of street racers blindly follow their peers as they floor the accelerator of their machines on the highways without caring for their own safety as well as that of the other people. To heighten their excitement level, many have given themselves in to stimulative narcotics, and subsequently thefts, premarital sex, abandoned newborns and a plethora of other social ills.

Instead of taking stern actions on these illegal street racers, our government has opted to condone their dangerous acts, culminating now in a wasteful RM30 million race circuit.

By no means a small sum of money, RM30 million can be otherwise spent on building more badminton courts, football fields, swimming pools and other decent recreational facilities, grooming outstanding athletes for the country while providing our youths a healthier channel to release their excess stamina.

The rural and regional development ministry has a RM30 million "mobile entrepreneur scheme" that will help more than 3,000 youths from poor rural families pick up various occupational skills or start their own businesses in a bid to improve their lives.

On the education front, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) set aside RM30 million last year as scholarships for thousands of deserving students who will one day serve this nation.

RM30 million can also be used to mitigate our perennial flood problems, especially on the East Coast during the monsoon months.

If the RM30 million race circuit in Sungai Petani is an election pledge of the BN government, what about the unfulfilled promises it made to the local Chinese community?

The 1,298 Chinese primary schools in the country can only look to a paltry sum of RM50 million, while the 78 Chinese secondary schools get only half of this. Allocations supposed to have been disbursed in 2016 remains nowhere in sight to this day!


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