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  • Maximum amount of time you can sit before harming your heart
    2016-07-24 11:19

    A new large-scale study has revealed what researchers believe to be the maximum time an individual can sit each day before sedentary time starts to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

  • The Challenge before Bangladesh
    2016-07-23 19:01

    Bangladesh has a long history of resilience and of beating the odds -- evolving from a country of disasters to a country of achievers, almost always proving the skeptics wrong.

  • Syrians harness Pokemon frenzy to depict their plight
    2016-07-23 16:10

    A sad-eyed Pikachu Pokemon Go character sits amidst the rubble on a Syrian street, while a Charizard dragon from the smash hit game is perched alongside gun-toting jihadists.

  • Afghan brothers launch new mine-hunting drone
    2016-07-23 14:54

    Former refugees Massoud and Mahmud Hassani stunned the world three years ago with an invention like a dandelion puffball that sought to rid the world of landmines.

  • Japanese 'rent men' who are paid just to listen
    2016-07-23 10:52

    From lonely pensioners to Japanese schoolgirls with shattered dreams, Takanobu Nishimoto and his crew of middle-aged men will lend an ear to clients who would never dream of spilling their guts to a therapist or worse, their families.

  • Can reading encourage empathy?
    2016-07-23 10:44

    Although it has long been assumed that reading is good for your mental health, there has been little evidence so far to prove it. However in a new review published this week a professor from the University of Toronto, Canada, argues that reading fictional st ...

  • Bersih 5.0 on the cards
    2016-07-22 18:42

    Maria Chin Abdullah says Bersih 2.0 will even work with Tun Mahathir on condition he adheres to Bersih's reform agenda.

  • MH370 search facing suspension as hopes fade
    2016-07-22 18:05

    Hope of finding flight MH370's final resting place is "fading" and the massive three-nation search for the doomed jet will be suspended if nothing turns up in the suspected crash zone, Malaysia, Australia and China said Friday.

Bangladesh has a long history of resilience and of beating the odds -- evolving from a country...
This is a matter that involves the interests of the nation and her people as well as gross...

> Penang snap polls unwarranted

2016-07-21 13:57
DAP's support among the local Chinese will remain robust, but how about the rest of the...

> Inaction

2016-07-20 19:14
More importantly, most of the blacklisted offenders were from rural areas, the biggest vote...
The national politics must be brought back to the right track soonest so that we can once...
On the whole, Malaysia is still a relatively safe country whose citizens can still look...

> Expediency

2016-07-18 17:07
Such expedient collaboration or alliance is not unknown, but for an opposition camp that...

> After #Chexit: Do nothing?

2016-07-16 19:06
Now that the arbitral tribunal has confirmed that bullying has indeed taken place, the new...

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