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  • Wildlife pays the price of Kenya's illegal grazing
    2017-09-24 13:21

    "It's devastating. I've been following them every day of my life for the last year," said Dedan Ngatia, a wild dog researcher in Kenya's central Laikipia region. "They're all dead."

  • Tech dreams live or die on startup battlefields
    2017-09-23 17:50

    Fearing failure but driven by a chance at Silicon Valley stardom, young entrepreneurs pitch their dreams in mere minutes at startup competitions like TechCrunch Disrupt that ended here Wednesday.

  • The godfather of eco-bling: Brando's Tahitian paradise
    2017-09-23 15:46

    An exotic island paradise in French Polynesia bought by Marlon Brando in the sixties is using its Hollywood image to tackle environmental issues -- with a little help from its jet-set visitors.

  • Escaping disillusion: Skilled youth quitting Turkey
    2017-09-23 10:39

    When Dilara left Turkey for Dubai five years ago, her friends said she'd made a mistake. The economy was flourishing, the cultural scene was vibrant and relations with the West warm.

  • Humble bicycle back in vogue in Cuba
    2017-09-22 17:42

    The humble bicycle is gradually shedding its grim association with Cuba's economic crisis that followed the fall of the Soviet Union, and making a comeback buoyed by demand from tourists and Cubans frustrated by poor public transportation.

  • Merkel soup, beer and nudism: When Germany's election got weird
    2017-09-22 14:35

    Boring? What's boring? The punters may have already placed firm bets on Chancellor Angela Merkel to win her fourth term on Sunday, but Germany's general election is still turning up surprises.

  • In search of Borneo's 'Last Frontier'
    2017-09-22 11:47

    It was not a rumor after all. The Last Frontier is for real!

  • The last days of a 'village' in China's Silicon Valley
    2017-09-22 10:21

    Surrounded by the sleek hi-tech campuses and luxury condominiums of "Beijing's Silicon Valley", migrants from the countryside recreate village life, cooking in outdoor communal areas, playing cards and showering in the street.

> Saving our marginalized youths

2017-09-21 13:42
The problems of marginalized and underprivileged youths are highly intricate and must be...

> Not just the beer

2017-09-20 12:56
We used to take so much pride in such tolerance. Unfortunately, this merit is slowly dying...
Chinese schools constitute an integral part of the national education system and by right...

> Being kiasu

2017-09-19 14:16
Throwing such a big party for someone out of mainstream politics for so long only serves...

> The PM's advisors

2017-09-19 13:06
It seems so deluded and silly that one wonders if the PM has any advisors.
Philippines' Commission on Human Rights gets only P1,000 (US$20) in annual budget, down...
Accommodativeness, diversity and unity are the core elements of Malaysia Day, the ammunition...
The outline should be much clearer if we could see things from the strategic perspectives...

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